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Hard to Adjust

Hey Everyone! How it is that I keep going a week without writing anything for you guys? I swear I have something to talk about most days…but then realize that I don’t. Hah! I have not had a Recipe Wednesday … Continue reading

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In The Way

Life, is what has gotten in the way.  Oh, and work mornings that start with me getting up at 4am.  Not so much fun when you’re out in the blazing heat of the desert.  But that’s beside the point! Things … Continue reading

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[[Side Note: Confidence My therapist pointed out something interesting yesterday while we were talking about HLS. I talked to her about my anxiety about meeting so many people and my fear of not living up to expectations and developed a … Continue reading

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Wax On, Wax Off

[[HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! I’m sorry I’m not home to make you a cake, but I’ll hopefully be home soon!  Love you!!!]] I know you’ve watched the Karate Kid.  Who could resist the cute little Pat Morita and Ralph Machio?  I … Continue reading

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Emptiness…Means More Chocolate of Course

I’m glad everyone enjoyed last night’s Dear Body post.  It hit me at some point during the day when I had a bit of time to think…which from the looks of it will happen quite often with my new job…thank … Continue reading

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Readjustment Time

Oh man what a whirlwind of the past few days.  I really can’t even tell where all the time went…other than I am now working full time and LOVING IT!  I mean, how could you not, walking around in this: … Continue reading

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Mixed Berry and Chocolate Chip Bread

Mixed Berry and Chocolate Chip Bread Looking for a low sugar and naturally sweetened soft bread to have as either a snack or dessert?  It’s a great and easy recipe, you probably have everything on hand, and even more, it’s … Continue reading

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Picture Sunday

Wow, what an end to my stay in FLORIDA. How about my last run in Homestead? Getting lost and not quite sure how to get back home?  But it was perfect and ended up being 10 miles just like I … Continue reading

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Two Awesome Rides

Oh man, this day went from great, to AWESOME! I got to ride on two completely new contraptions and couldn’t have had more fun!  Lets start at breakfast… I woke up at a decent hour, but still super tired from … Continue reading

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Just Awesome!

That’s me being sarcastic. Today: this chick woke up at 5am couldn’t go back to sleep had a raging headache had a horrible stomach ache felt like a cat clawed at my throat/tonsils is covered in sweat is achy is … Continue reading

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