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School, Work and Everything In Between…Like Lots of Treats

What a few weeks it’s been, whew! I have been super busy with work, interviews, you name it! Where do I start! Well, last I let you know I was interviewing for different positions at several places. I got a … Continue reading

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Oakland Half Marathon

Wow. I am still, speechless.  Not in my dreams did I ever think this would happen. It’s a good thing of course, because well, I PR’d for one.  Never thought that was going to happen today.  But two?  By THREE … Continue reading

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Whew!  What a whirlwind of a day and night!  I can’t help but thank all the coordinators who put together HLS because I believe it was a  success! I had an awesome time listening to all the lectures and finally … Continue reading

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Where To Start?

Wow, the past two days have been an absolute frenzy of activity!  Can you believe I had not just one, but TWO BLOGGER MEETUPS in the past 24 hours?! Madness I tell you…but boy do I have one very happy … Continue reading

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Gasparilla: Day Two

Did you miss my Gasparilla Surprise? Before I get to Sunday’s extravaganzas I want to share Meghann’s and mine’s favorite pre-race dinner: Pizza! Meghann came prepared and brought some whole wheat pizza dough from Publix to provide us with some … Continue reading

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Miami Blogger Meetup and Questions Answered

What a great Sunday!!! We were supposed to be going to the Homestead Farmers Market but ended up at one that was actually attached to a flea market a little up the road.  Apparently, the Homestead one doesn’t exist anymore.  … Continue reading

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Pre 1/2 Marathon

Oh boy am I excited, but so nervous I could barf like, right now.  I get the most horrible race anxiety you will ever see/hear about.  I feel urpy before the race, during and hah, even afterwards.  Go figure, right? … Continue reading

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Houston Is Far…

I drove over 170 miles today to get to Whole Foods, Central Market HEB, Target Greatland and another Target.  Am I insane?!?!?!?!  Yes, why yes I am. But first to yesterday…pretty mellow day.  We def had more birds than normal … Continue reading

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Thanks, and WF Help

First off, thank you all so much for you comments about this mornings post and my dwelling about the blog.  It felt good to know that I wasn’t the only one that seems to be in a rut, but on … Continue reading

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