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Vegan for a Week, or More?

Hey Everyone! I thought I would do a complete review of my week as a vegan, along with the pros and cons of the week and what I thought of it!  Lets start with the pros, yeah? Pros: -It was … Continue reading

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Visit Time!

Whew! What a weekend it’s been, and it’s not even over yet!  Yay!!!  Where do I start?! So Saturday…I was still getting ready for my weekend…and being sad I had to leave Honey for a few days.  My poor kitty; … Continue reading

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Best Yet

Man, today totally started off on the wrong foot in so many ways and then totally turned itself around!  Totally what I needed after the month I’ve been having! Alas, the morning didn’t start off well cause I was working … Continue reading

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To Be…

Vegan.  I’m kinda liking this vegan things for a week.  I feel a lot “lighter”…like my stomach doesn’t feel so heavy and my body lethargic after I eat.  This is a good thing.  And it’s stopped the mindless eating.  Woohoo!  … Continue reading

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It’s Getting Closer!

Do you know what’s coming!? What’s showing signs of life?!  SPRING! And you know how it’s showing it’s beauty?  The sun no longer goes down at 4pm!! YAY!!!!  I live for the sun going down at 8pm during the summer! … Continue reading

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A part of me is glad I didn’t have work today…but then again not.  Why no work?  Cause there is none..but just you wait until March when migration and breeding season starts…I’ll be surprised if I don’t turn into a … Continue reading

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Vegan, Day 1

Thanks all for the great comments on my Muffin’d to Love post last night.  I am always taken away by your supportive comments and encouragement!  We just gotta believe we’re good enough! Anyhow, to keep my spirits high and with … Continue reading

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