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My 2012

This happens every year. Did I accomplish all my resolutions for 2012? I wrote in 2011 how I don’t like resolutions because they make me anxious; I feel like there is too much pressure. But, if they’re just things that … Continue reading

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Organic Produce Box

Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for all the kind words on my injury and fashion troubles.  I forgot to mention that to help my hip heal, I’m not only going to do Bobbi’s Holiday Shred, but also going to incorporate … Continue reading

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Only Inside

It might have snowed last night, but it definitely started to disappear today!  But then we kept getting flurries and it was coating the ground with snow again.  Honey didn’t appreciated the experience much: She wanted to claw my eyeballs … Continue reading

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One Of Those…

…days.  It was definitely one of those days.  For some reason I couldn’t get going all day long and never had a want for anything in particular to eat…goodness gracious. But, lets look at the bright side of the day…eh? … Continue reading

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It’s Getting Closer!

Do you know what’s coming!? What’s showing signs of life?!  SPRING! And you know how it’s showing it’s beauty?  The sun no longer goes down at 4pm!! YAY!!!!  I live for the sun going down at 8pm during the summer! … Continue reading

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Muscle Time

That snowy walk this morning sure did me some good to loosen up my muscles from that long run yesterday.  I’m still stretching like a mad woman to make sure nothing gets messed up before Phoenix in ELEVEN DAYS!!!  (Oh, … Continue reading

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Relaxation Techniques

If you’ve known me as long as some of my friends, you know how stressed out I used to get.  Ok, I still get stressed out, but definitely not anywhere near as much.I would stress out about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, … Continue reading

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Out of Plastic Bird Nerd

Today was like my Tuesday, since I worked yesterday…but it sure as hell felt like a Monday.  Something was off to begin with, and I was totally out of it after waking up this morning.  I didn’t want to eat … Continue reading

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Attack Mode

First of all, Honey was in attack mode today because we were trying to trim her nails.  She didn’t like it at all.  Her cry made me want to cry. Secondly, attack mode was all on me, by me.  Boohizzle.  … Continue reading

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Because I know you watch Glee (I mean really, who doesn’t; if you haven’t, DO IT!) a “funk” seemed to be going around but like them, I was able to pull myself out of it!  Thanks goodness for that!  I’ve … Continue reading

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