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My Protein Shakes/Smoothies in a Bowl

I’ve gotten quite a few emails lately asking me about the smoothies I make so I thought I’d make a post sharing the various ingredients I use to make it so thick and tasty! The start of my smoothies always … Continue reading

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That’s It! I’ve HAD IT!

So, my appetite is finally coming back after the marathon.  And when I say appetite, I mean my stomach is actually growling and I’m craving my normal foods that I like.  Thank goodness.I mixed up my smoothie in a bowl … Continue reading

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Just One More

Hour. Day. Survey. Bird…you name it, that’s been the phrase that’s kept me going the past few days…it’s only one more of __________. Hopefully I’ll get some time to rest this weekend, and blog for that matter.  I’ve barely been … Continue reading

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Don’t worry, I didn’t see one…but I saw it’s evidence.  I’ll spare you a picture of it’s err, presence, but just be forewarned if I come back hollering about a bear one of these days! That’s what happens when you … Continue reading

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Only One

Somehow…I only got one picture of my foods today.  Uh, odd. At least it was tasty, right? Spinach + USVAB + Banana + 1/4C PB Flour + 2T Raw Cacao Powder + Ice Oh yeah.  I added the Honey Sunshine … Continue reading

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Smoothie Kick

Smoothies are meals, right? So I can rightfully have one for breakfast…and dinner in one day right?  I got my veggies in at lunch!  Promise! What’s in it? I don’t feel like typing it, so see for yourself: There was … Continue reading

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I Got My Smoothie

If there is one thing about races, I always look forward to the meal afterwards.  I’m a fan of real food to refuel me afterwards, but we were in such a hurry to get out of our hotel and back … Continue reading

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