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Birding Thursday: Buff-Tailed Sicklebill

Birding Thursday: Buff-Tailed Sicklebill This was a fun bird to catch while I was in Peru. We had every finger and toe crossed that we were going to get one in our nets and one day our luck was with … Continue reading

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BT: Shining Sunbeam

The Shining Sunbeam, also known as the Copper-winged Hummingbird, was one of my favorites in Wayqecha. I was lucky enough to have caught a handful of these guys while I was mist netting and the coloration and variety on them … Continue reading

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Out of the Jungle

Oh goodness how two and a half months in the jungle just flew by. I can’t believe its done! and i just got to the city and miss the jungle already! I’m not sure if i had described where i … Continue reading

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The Things We Do

It’s no contest that i might work in some of the greatest environments and with some of the most interesting and intelligent people. We work our butts off everyday that we have to do get the job done that needs … Continue reading

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Barriers and, The Rainforest

There are two main things that have me on the edge right now about my upcoming adventure to the rainforests of Peru: Language barriers and literally, The Rainforest. There is so much unknown that I’m going into alone and it’s … Continue reading

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