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Geared Up & Broken Hearted

(Don’t worry, Whit and I didn’t break up.  You’ll see what broke my heart in a bit…) I have never driven in snow slush.  I never want to ever again. Too bad it’s unavoidable. It was insane yesterday.  Ok, insane … Continue reading

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Life Is About To Get Better

As long and dragging today was for work, I can’t help but have a smile on my face as I tell you my good news…at the end of the post.  But first I have to tell you about some awesome … Continue reading

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1,500 miles down…

and 1,500 miles to go!  We’re getting there, have hit our half way point of Houston, TX and only have two more 12 hr days of driving left!  Thank goodness for my mom being here, I’m already tired! We were … Continue reading

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[[ Side Note: Meltdown If you follow me on Twitter you’ll see that I had a very rough afternoon: Oh yes, it was not fun times.  It’s been a hard week, knowing that within the next two I will be … Continue reading

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Where To Start?

Wow, the past two days have been an absolute frenzy of activity!  Can you believe I had not just one, but TWO BLOGGER MEETUPS in the past 24 hours?! Madness I tell you…but boy do I have one very happy … Continue reading

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I Can’t Choose…

Oh a day full of choices…I have been back and forth over everything and anything! I woke up way late today…I think my body had finally caught up with me after all the work of the past two weeks and … Continue reading

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Paycheck: EATEN

Oh yeah…I got paid today.  And one of the FL malls ripped me for all I’m worth.  But really, I got all this stuff for about $93…which I think is pretty good! Ok, I did go into William Sonoma to … Continue reading

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Broken Boat

God what a morning.  Wake up to someone telling you your crew got stuck out in the field overnight and you’re not on a mission to save them.  Yes, great way to start the morning. I was nervous as hell, … Continue reading

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MIA for Good Times!

Oh man, what a weekend! But first of all, thank you to every single one of you who responded to my thoughts on whether I should go back to eating meat, occasionally.  I think as of right now, just in … Continue reading

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Confession for Current Motivation

[[Side Note: Confidence So, you know how some women buy lots of shoes? I buy these instead:   B.I.K.I.N.I.S. And these… are just the few… that I brought from home in California… have more of at home… and found three … Continue reading

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