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Vegan Indulgence: Sublime Restaurant and Key Biscayne Running

Wow, the past two days have been crazy!  I’m not even sure what exciting thing to start with! To sum up Friday before 4.30pm we’ll just say it consisted of sitting in front of a computer all day…and listening to … Continue reading

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Wish For Time…

Oh how I am.  Because I am currently running out of it right now.  This week is going to be filled with very early mornings and going to bed at 10pm just isn’t cutting the need to be up at … Continue reading

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I Wish I Had A Cupcake!

Seriously, all I could think about all day long, “I WANT A DAMNED CUPCAKE.” Hahaha…I found it quite hilarious…I never crave cupcakes, or anything close to that like cake.  It’s just not my thing.  Instead I sufficed by craving with … Continue reading

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I Could Stuff the Cookie Monster

It was bake on today!  But that was after all the other things I did in the morning before the baking commenced. With a day planned full of appointments and errands, I awoke early, extremely groggy and terrifying to my … Continue reading

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New Products…and Finally Tried Eating While Running!

Sorry I have left you the past few days! I’m trying to beat an under the weather mood (even though the SUN is out and SHINING and it’s almost 80 DEGREES!) and of course what better to solve that with … Continue reading

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Product Reviews and Christmas Traditions

There was nothing exciting to report today, other than trying lots of new products by Newman’s Own Organics and decorating the Christmas Tree all by myself! – But make sure to tune in tomorrow morning, because I’ll have a link … Continue reading

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Tis Baking Time…

I was a baking machine today, which totally lifted my mood, considering the not so stellar morning I had! I woke up way the heck early (I can never sleep in at home; anyone else like this, if you live … Continue reading

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Have I kept you on your toes enough?  Are you excite? Do you want to know what I got to do today?  That involved something I get to cross off my Life List? Lets start with the beginning of my … Continue reading

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