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Bee Run and New Kicks

What a weekend I had! Full of time with my awesome cousin, running in the redwoods, great food…and getting stung by a bee. Fun, right?! Seeing as I have less than two weeks left at my job up here in … Continue reading

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I have terrified about this day for weeks.  After I had my first ankle issue a few weeks ago I was terrified of the outcome that I might encounter: failure.  I think, because I didn’t finish the full marathon the … Continue reading

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Weekend Time

Yay for the weekend!!!  I started mine off on the right foot with a great box of organic goods and my last long run before my 1/2 marathon next weekend! I got Arugula Flowers in my box!  I would never … Continue reading

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And Then There Was Food

What a weekend!  I apologize for the absence after the Expo but it was a whirlwind of events afterwards!  Lets start with Sunday eh? I woke up feelin err, under the weather, literally.  The clouds were low and bleh looking, … Continue reading

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Learning the Hard Way

[[Side Note: Learning the Hard Way.. Wow, your comments totally blew me away from yesterday’s post.  I can’t express my gratitude enough for your supportive words brought tears to my eyes.  It’s this community that really helps me through so … Continue reading

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Visit Time!

Whew! What a weekend it’s been, and it’s not even over yet!  Yay!!!  Where do I start?! So Saturday…I was still getting ready for my weekend…and being sad I had to leave Honey for a few days.  My poor kitty; … Continue reading

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