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Local Freshness of Kauai

So, I figured I would post a bit about some of the great things I get to try out on Kauai, and how they are all super fresh and local!  I even got to partake with the family to help … Continue reading

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Lilikoi Chiffon Pie

Hi everyone.  I’m getting back to well…getting used to life in CA again.  I miss Kauai so much already.  There is just something about the atmosphere and attitude that relaxes me so much while I’m there.  Our next planned trip … Continue reading

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Me and the Beach

Ever since I was a little girl, living in Southern California, I was told that I was a beach girl.  I knew I spent some time at the beach with my friends, but not a lot.  It always seemed to … Continue reading

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Day In The…

Field again.  Oh man did I not want to come to work.  I mean, after rereading my visit to the Haraguchi Taro Farm and Rice Mill on Kauai I was not excited when weather.com told me the high in my … Continue reading

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It’s Taro Time

So, one thing about dating a guy who’s family runs a farm?  You’re going to eat a lot of what they grow!  Ok, I kid, but I did enjoy my fair share!  Let’s just say there’s not only taro, as … Continue reading

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Others in Kauai

[Ah, my vacation is almost over.  It’s been such a relaxing week that I don’t want to go home!  Ok, I do miss my little kitty though.  Her attitude always keeps me in check.   Anyhow, Since I’ve been horrible … Continue reading

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I’m Still Alive

To to let you know I haven’t been eaten by a shark or drowned in a taro patch.  Or taken residence in the forest to live with the birdies. Off to…bird and surf!

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True Test

[[Side Notes: True Test of my Growing Body Confidence Almost two months ago I wrote about Muffin Tops, in two different contexts: I had just made two different kind of muffins and that I was worried about having a muffin … Continue reading

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