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Trail Running Time

Soon after the 1/2 marathon was finished I was thinking about the next race I wanted to run. Originally I thought about running the Arizona Rock n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon but after finishing Santa to the Sea, I knew I … Continue reading

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All These Adjustments

Whew, what a week it’s been! School started on Monday and it’s been a whirlwind of other things on top of that to figure out! I had everything ready come Monday, or so I thought…and of course, nothing went as … Continue reading

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Foot Update and Seven Questions

So sorry to leave you hanging yesterday! I had a busy weekend working on my bird banding skills and learned so much about different birds, molt, aging, sexing, you name it! I really had a great time, met some new … Continue reading

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Out of the Jungle

Oh goodness how two and a half months in the jungle just flew by. I can’t believe its done! and i just got to the city and miss the jungle already! I’m not sure if i had described where i … Continue reading

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Jungle Rules

Sorry for the lack of posting. The jungle rules all things here and blogging has been hard to come by! We are busy working 12 hour days to get the season wrapped up on the 9th of September! Before i … Continue reading

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Barriers and, The Rainforest

There are two main things that have me on the edge right now about my upcoming adventure to the rainforests of Peru: Language barriers and literally, The Rainforest. There is so much unknown that I’m going into alone and it’s … Continue reading

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Next Big Adventure: Into the Jungle

I can’t even begin to describe the terror and excitement going on in my head right now, because I am about to experience probably one of the most difficult and enlightening/exciting things in my life this summer… I’m going to … Continue reading

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