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With Irregularity

What a whirlwind of two weeks it’s been since I updated! Things have been crazy busy and with work, Ragnar training and spending time with Whit! Work has been crazy busy and hard. I’ve been averaging over 50 hours a … Continue reading

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In The Way

Life, is what has gotten in the way.  Oh, and work mornings that start with me getting up at 4am.  Not so much fun when you’re out in the blazing heat of the desert.  But that’s beside the point! Things … Continue reading

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I Got My Smoothie

If there is one thing about races, I always look forward to the meal afterwards.  I’m a fan of real food to refuel me afterwards, but we were in such a hurry to get out of our hotel and back … Continue reading

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Cat Watcher

Today was a pretty good day.  Good and bad moments included, but they all evened themselves out.  The good?  The eats of course.  Like breakfast? The vanilla soy yogurt is so much freak’n better.  I should have added kiwi again, … Continue reading

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It’s Getting Closer!

Do you know what’s coming!? What’s showing signs of life?!  SPRING! And you know how it’s showing it’s beauty?  The sun no longer goes down at 4pm!! YAY!!!!  I live for the sun going down at 8pm during the summer! … Continue reading

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Geared Up & Broken Hearted

(Don’t worry, Whit and I didn’t break up.  You’ll see what broke my heart in a bit…) I have never driven in snow slush.  I never want to ever again. Too bad it’s unavoidable. It was insane yesterday.  Ok, insane … Continue reading

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I need more of it, that’s what I need.  Oh, and eyes that won’t dry out and eat filled with dirt.  Don’t ask. Oh what?  You heard I got another flat tire?  Oh yes, yes it happened again.  #3 in … Continue reading

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2am Club

That’s how last night went.  At least it wasn’t because of food poisoning…just because I couldn’t sleep.  Go figure…and the one day I can sleep in, I can’t. Alas, I’ve got a long run plus a race tomorrow (they’re being … Continue reading

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My Ups and Downs of Blogging

Sorry you didn’t give a post about yesterday but my doctor’s appointment did not reveal the results I was hoping for.  I’m not going to go into detail about it, but just keep your fingers crossed it’s not going to … Continue reading

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No, I’m not having babies; get your head out of that hole.  And I’ll share BONK #2 at the end of the post! (BONK #1 was yesterday!) Anyhow, I did get to see a baby today!  A burrowing owl baby!!! … Continue reading

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