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Biggest Street Fair in the U.S.

I.AM.EXHAUSTED.  Probably not as much as Caitlin who successfully finished her tri sprint this morning, but alas…Big CONGRATS to her! Daylight savings time totally had me out of whack this morning and I was up at 6.30 since when my … Continue reading

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For All The Wrong Reasons…

[[Side Note: How To Move Past A Bad Event Oh what a start to the weekend.  I slipped and fell, HARD.  REALLY HARD. Where do I even start? Simply put, I made a mess of my own head yesterday.  It … Continue reading

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I hate my doctor…

Because he just ripped me off for all that I’m worth.  Hahaha…well, not really funny, but I’m thinking of this as a learning experience.  I should have asked if the med tests were absolutely necessary so that if they weren’t, … Continue reading

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She died…my ipod that is.   I guess the compensation for my 10k race was a dead ipod… That kinda blows… But now we all know what’s at the top of my Christmas list…other than $$ cause I’m moving to … Continue reading

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My brother got a little excited…

So last night, we’re all hanging out in the kitchen, i’m cleaning some dishes and my brother is talking to his friend.  What happens?  He jumps to give his friend a high five, I turn my face at the wrong … Continue reading

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Home Blogger

I hope everyone is having a great Friday!!!!  I’m currently at home, safe and sound!   (Dad says I’m blogging per his DSL, so he needs to get credit. LOL) The drive home was absolutely horrible because socal traffic SUCKSSSSS! … Continue reading

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As the week goes by…

I feel better and better.  Again, thanks for helping me feel better!!! Anyhow, quick recap of the day cause I have some stuff I need to get done tonight for my trip home tomorrow!  I’m leaving directly after I finish … Continue reading

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