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I know my last post was about birds…and that’s about all I have to talk about right now. I’m having a really hard time with the course I am currently enrolled in, so my stress level is through the roof … Continue reading

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Bird Banding Time

It has been a whirlwind of a week! But lets take it one step at a time, ok? I headed out to Riverside last weekend to partake in one of my favorite activities ever: BIRD BANDING!   Can you tell … Continue reading

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With Irregularity

What a whirlwind of two weeks it’s been since I updated! Things have been crazy busy and with work, Ragnar training and spending time with Whit! Work has been crazy busy and hard. I’ve been averaging over 50 hours a … Continue reading

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Hard to Adjust

Hey Everyone! How it is that I keep going a week without writing anything for you guys? I swear I have something to talk about most days…but then realize that I don’t. Hah! I have not had a Recipe Wednesday … Continue reading

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Back to the Grind

Hi Everyone! Sorry to have gone MIA on you, things got crazy busy as I started field work again last week! I was sent out to various places in Palm Springs, the San Jacinto Mountains and Orange County to find … Continue reading

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Birding Thursday: Snail Kite

Birding Thursday: Snail Kite This bird was the focus of my first ever field job. It’s almost like he photo-bombed my picture! Anyhow, this my friends, is the Snail Kite. Probably one of the most unique birds I have worked … Continue reading

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Missing It Already

I’ve only been gone from the jungle 5 days and I’m already missing it. I miss the sounds of birds and wind in the trees…and don’t like traffic and fire crackers. One day I’ll get back to it.

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The Things We Do

It’s no contest that i might work in some of the greatest environments and with some of the most interesting and intelligent people. We work our butts off everyday that we have to do get the job done that needs … Continue reading

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A Birdy Weekend

So this weekend I had the opportunity to participate in some really cool bird banding out in the desert with some friends. I have done my share of mist netting, which is catching birds in a fine net, but never … Continue reading

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The Question

When it comes to working in the environmental technician world you’re constantly moving around.  My current job ends in two days, which started only three months ago, and in a short three weeks I’ll be headed off to Peru for … Continue reading

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