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Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a great Christmas, or whatever holiday you may have been celebrating! It was wonderful to have my brother home, along with Whit and a few other family friends! Craig got a drill. Such a boy. … Continue reading

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In The Way

Life, is what has gotten in the way.  Oh, and work mornings that start with me getting up at 4am.  Not so much fun when you’re out in the blazing heat of the desert.  But that’s beside the point! Things … Continue reading

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Crazy Hills and Family

Oh man what an afternoon!!!  I mean, how could you complain when you spend it here!? My parents came into town this morning for a visit, but also to go at a recently fallen oak tree on a friend’s property!  … Continue reading

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Yes, this is a vegetarian blog, but I cooked a turkey today.  A whole turkey.   All.By.Myself. The only mishap? I melted this beauty that I got in my Foodbuzz swag bag…oops.  Thank goodness mom provided me with an old … Continue reading

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Gearing Up

I have been pounding back the water and carbs today to gear up for my 11 miler tomorrow morning, before all the shenanigans start when my brothers come to town!  I’m so excited it’s not even funny!!! I even purchased … Continue reading

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Family Time

Did you see my Inspiring post about Wild Things and Swanky Clubs?  I knew that would get your attention! Anyhow, this weekend was about overcoming a weigh-in and spending time with my family. [[Side Note: Weighing In Pt. II So, … Continue reading

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I Wish…

[[Side Note: I wish… There are so many things I could and would wish for…so may material things and such…but in reality, all I want is happiness, for myself and everyone around me. Everyday, all the time, from the second … Continue reading

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What now?

Yes, I had a bit of a day…but I’m going to concentrate on the good things… Like my brothers are finally back in the USA!!!  If you don’t remember, my brother Craig did a guest post a while back when … Continue reading

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