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The Overwhelming Life We Live

So, I think every once in a while, or maybe this will become a daily thing if I’m not too lazy, I’m going to start blogging my meals again.  Right now I’m not doing much that’s exciting since work is … Continue reading

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Mocha Sweetness

Did you think i would have only one dessert yesterday? Of course not! That would be a tragedy to my tasteless….but probably a savior to my waistline. At least i did some abs and yoga yesterday for some exercise…right? Oh … Continue reading

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Chocolate Change of Pace

So in an effort to get in as much chocolate cake before i left on Friday morning, we hit up one last cafe Thursday night. Jenny and i eyed this one the other night because it is right next door … Continue reading

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Have Your Cake, and Eat It Too

Day four and chocolate cake number 4. Dare i say I’ve had enough?! What kind of chocoholic would i be if i did?! My stomach may have been screaming a bit through this piece, but you know i ate it. … Continue reading

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Gearing Up

I have been pounding back the water and carbs today to gear up for my 11 miler tomorrow morning, before all the shenanigans start when my brothers come to town!  I’m so excited it’s not even funny!!! I even purchased … Continue reading

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Emptiness…Means More Chocolate of Course

I’m glad everyone enjoyed last night’s Dear Body post.  It hit me at some point during the day when I had a bit of time to think…which from the looks of it will happen quite often with my new job…thank … Continue reading

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Picture Sunday

Wow, what an end to my stay in FLORIDA. How about my last run in Homestead? Getting lost and not quite sure how to get back home?  But it was perfect and ended up being 10 miles just like I … Continue reading

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I Can’t Choose…

Oh a day full of choices…I have been back and forth over everything and anything! I woke up way late today…I think my body had finally caught up with me after all the work of the past two weeks and … Continue reading

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It’s been a while

To anyone that actually read this, I’m sorry I went MIA for a while. things got a little crazy with life and i had to take a break from blogging for a while. but i’m back now, in better terms … Continue reading

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