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Catch Up: Birding The Sloughs

Ok, time for some updates! I’ve been at my new place with Whit for almost two weeks and so much has happened! But lets back up to when I was still near Santa Cruz, yeah? I had one last weekend … Continue reading

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Back to the Grind

Hi Everyone! Sorry to have gone MIA on you, things got crazy busy as I started field work again last week! I was sent out to various places in Palm Springs, the San Jacinto Mountains and Orange County to find … Continue reading

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My 2012

This happens every year. Did I accomplish all my resolutions for 2012? I wrote in 2011 how I don’t like resolutions because they make me anxious; I feel like there is too much pressure. But, if they’re just things that … Continue reading

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Birding Thursday: Snail Kite

Birding Thursday: Snail Kite This bird was the focus of my first ever field job. It’s almost like he photo-bombed my picture! Anyhow, this my friends, is the Snail Kite. Probably one of the most unique birds I have worked … Continue reading

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I’m Sure You’re Sick of Thanksgiving Recaps

So here’s another one! Haha…OK, but I’m sure you’re sick of reading about Thanksgiving by now. I’m sorry to have to put you through another. I promise there are some pretty pictures of a park in here though! And I … Continue reading

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Foot Update and Seven Questions

So sorry to leave you hanging yesterday! I had a busy weekend working on my bird banding skills and learned so much about different birds, molt, aging, sexing, you name it! I really had a great time, met some new … Continue reading

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Birds and the ER

My weekend in pictures…you’ll get the drift. A better update when I get back home! As for now, send me you’re healing vibes! Yikes!

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Coastal Anniversary

Sorry I’ve disappeared on you. I was gone on an extended weekend with Whit to celebrate our two year dating anniversary in Cambria, CA! We found an awesome deal on Travel Zoo for a cute little inn along the sea … Continue reading

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Birding Thursday: Grass Green Tanager

Birding Thursday: Grass Green Tanager The first time I saw this bird I thought he was absolutely gorgeous. And then, he bit me. And it really hurt. Like, drew blood hurt. They have very very sharp and strong beaks.  And … Continue reading

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Birding Thursday: Buff-Tailed Sicklebill

Birding Thursday: Buff-Tailed Sicklebill This was a fun bird to catch while I was in Peru. We had every finger and toe crossed that we were going to get one in our nets and one day our luck was with … Continue reading

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