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Recipe Wednesday: Banana Pumpkin Walnut Muffins

Recipe Wednesday: Banana Pumpkin Walnut Muffins I was actually following a recipe when these muffins were being made. Then I got lazy and forgot to look at all the ingredients, skipped a few, replaced some others…and this is how they … Continue reading

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Oh Nuts! Macadamia Nut Cherry Banana Bread

If there is one nut that I’ve neglected over the years but have come to love having gone to Hawaii a few times in the past two years, is how much I like macadamia nuts! I always used to be … Continue reading

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Recipe Wednesday: Vegan Banana Walnut Chocolate Bread

Recipe Wednesday: Vegan Banana Walnut Chocolate Bread Oops! I’m a day late! But don’t worry, I made sure to have a recipe for you! We’ve had some bananas hanging around and getting quite soft, so of course banana bread was … Continue reading

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Weekend Recipes

Hey Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend!  I worked half of mine, so it wasn’t as long, but I did have a good time today baking, cooking and going apple picking on a farm with Whit!  Lets start … Continue reading

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Because I know you watch Glee (I mean really, who doesn’t; if you haven’t, DO IT!) a “funk” seemed to be going around but like them, I was able to pull myself out of it!  Thanks goodness for that!  I’ve … Continue reading

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Bringing The Holiday To Me

Sadly, I am one of the unlucky ones that doesn’t get to have Memorial Day off.  The joys of being a contractor right? So, since I couldn’t have the extra day off, I brought the things I would have done, … Continue reading

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Fabulous Meals

Oh man, today was a day of absolutely phenomenal eats.  I can’t even put words to how good my meals were…gah.  But basically it was no holds bar on my creative side…I’ve been reading a book the past 24 hours … Continue reading

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

Today was a crazy day of me raging through large stalks of typha and trying not to get the boat stuck!  It was madness but so freak’n awesome at the same time!  We have a few pictures but they are … Continue reading

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Oh Bananas

Love love love those babies!  They can be used in so many different ways and can make so many great meals, from sweet to savory!  And on top of that, this weeks BSI by Lara is Bananas!  What are your … Continue reading

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