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My 2012

This happens every year. Did I accomplish all my resolutions for 2012? I wrote in 2011 how I don’t like resolutions because they make me anxious; I feel like there is too much pressure. But, if they’re just things that … Continue reading

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What I Wanted In 2011

Last year I decided not to make resolutions because…they stress me out.  Instead, I posted about the things I wanted to do in 2011.  It’s almost the end of the year, so time to take a look back and see … Continue reading

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Organic Produce Box

Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for all the kind words on my injury and fashion troubles.  I forgot to mention that to help my hip heal, I’m not only going to do Bobbi’s Holiday Shred, but also going to incorporate … Continue reading

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In The Season: Fresh Green Beans

You all know I get a weekly box of ORGANIC and LOCAL vegetables and fruit as part of my list of the things I want in 2011.  It’s been going very well and I’ve been pleased with all the goodies … Continue reading

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Wait, It’s Not January?!

I got back from spending time with Whit yesterday only to find out that it had SNOWED Saturday night!  REALLY?!  It’s almost July Mother Nature…if anything, just don’t make it cold this weekend because I don’t run well in cold, … Continue reading

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A Blogger’s Blizzard

Wow, what a crazy weekend.  Where do I start? I left Saturday to head down South to a Blogger Pizza Dinner, that may I just say, rocked to the core!  We met up at Kaitlin’s place and she greeted us … Continue reading

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Learning the Hard Way

[[Side Note: Learning the Hard Way.. Wow, your comments totally blew me away from yesterday’s post.  I can’t express my gratitude enough for your supportive words brought tears to my eyes.  It’s this community that really helps me through so … Continue reading

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It’s Getting Closer!

Do you know what’s coming!? What’s showing signs of life?!  SPRING! And you know how it’s showing it’s beauty?  The sun no longer goes down at 4pm!! YAY!!!!  I live for the sun going down at 8pm during the summer! … Continue reading

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Sick Day = Bake Day

First off, what do you think of the new blog header?!?!?!??!?!?  Mara was awesome enough to help me out and make me a new header!  I’ve been wanting one forever but have no talent for things like that!  THANK YOU … Continue reading

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On The Table

Is Saturday already gone?  I k now some of you are closer to Sunday than I am, but man oh man it went by fast! Probably because I ended up doing a bit of work and it helped pass the … Continue reading

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