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Santa to the Sea Half Marathon

Ok, school finally ended last week so I’ll stop complaining about it for the next..three weeks before it starts again.  I finished off the semester well enough for now; A in one class, awaiting my final report grade from the … Continue reading

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Oakland Half Marathon

Wow. I am still, speechless.  Not in my dreams did I ever think this would happen. It’s a good thing of course, because well, I PR’d for one.  Never thought that was going to happen today.  But two?  By THREE … Continue reading

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AZ Rock n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon: Complete!

Ohhhhhhh nelly. I.AM.SORE.I wasn’t even this sore after running the Oregon 1/2 Marathon in September…and that was way hilly…hrm…Alas…I completed my 4th official 1/2 marathon, the first of 2011, under two hours!I’m not gonna lie, it was a really really … Continue reading

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It’s Go Time

What a weekend it’s been so far, since I’m already in another state!  So exciting!  But lets start with the celebrating shall we? First of all, I ran FIVE MILES yesterday!  Holy thank goodness!  I was so scared the blisters … Continue reading

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Gearing Up

I have been pounding back the water and carbs today to gear up for my 11 miler tomorrow morning, before all the shenanigans start when my brothers come to town!  I’m so excited it’s not even funny!!! I even purchased … Continue reading

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No, I’m not having babies; get your head out of that hole.  And I’ll share BONK #2 at the end of the post! (BONK #1 was yesterday!) Anyhow, I did get to see a baby today!  A burrowing owl baby!!! … Continue reading

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BONK, Times Two

Get ready for a lengthy post…or at least that’s how I’m anticipating it! But did you see the responses about getting weighed at the doctors?  Or my homemade sushi?  Or about being a GIRL and going to the movies?!!?! What … Continue reading

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Attack Mode

First of all, Honey was in attack mode today because we were trying to trim her nails.  She didn’t like it at all.  Her cry made me want to cry. Secondly, attack mode was all on me, by me.  Boohizzle.  … Continue reading

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Pushing Buttons & Giveaway

Did you miss my adventures from this weekend?!  Here’s some more pictures for you to see the craziness! Look at that determination baby!  Can we say hardcore! (And I’m the only one paddling; pshhhh) Oh man I can’t wait to … Continue reading

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And The Beat Goes On…

You totally know that old old Britney Spears song…yeah, sing with me now!  I know Caitlin and Meghann are! But before I get to that, congrats to Heather and Mark on their engagement!!!  How exciting!!! So, today?  I knew it … Continue reading

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