School Gets In The Way

I blame school 100% for my absence.  Ok, that’s a lie. I blame school 55% for my absence, and work for the rest.  Can I just say that working holidays in retail is SO STINKING EXHAUSTING!!!!!!!  This is probably why I have never worked a real retail job in my life and why I prefer birds/wildlife to people. Although, sometimes I think people can be real animals too. Hah!

Anyways, I’m freaking exhausted, and I’m not even through the end of school or the holiday season yet.  I worked some pretty long shifts before and after Thanksgiving and let me just say that by Sunday you could see it in my face and I could feel myself breaking down pretty fast.  You add on top of that the stress I have put on myself with school and it’s a recipe for disaster.  But who wants a recipe for that, right? Because I know you’d rather have a recipe for this beauty:


Pumpkin Cheesecake Anyone?

I made this yummy treat for a coworker who took a shift for me a few weeks ago and I thought I would let you drool over it for a little bit…then give you a link to the recipe.  It’s pretty easy to assemble except for the whole waiting game at the end of “cool on rack for XX min” then “Release spring from pan and wait XX min” thennnnn “Completely release the side of the spring-foam pan from the cheesecake and wait XX min before removing completely.”  Yeah…so this cheesecake essentially takes over two hours to create.  And when I say create, I mean it.

Otherwise, things have been revolving around my foot and the cat recently. I had my first sickness scare with her a week or so ago when she become super lethargic, sleeping way more than her crazy amount of sleeping hours and breathing kind of funny. I almost skipped Thanksgiving because I was so worried about her! But one morning she woke up and was back to her normal, fat and happy self.


What a stinker!

Besides the cat, because obviously my world revolves around her crazy, scratching up my arms and hands self, I’ve been a worry wart about my foot as of late when this happened one night and I freaked you all out and didn’t respond:


Worry Much?

I should have put a disclaimer on this photo and let everyone know there was an ice pack underneath that ace bandage…but I’m assuming you all knew that and that my ankle wasn’t the size of a softball…right?  Yes, anyhow…so I did a long run about a week and a half ago and a few miles into it I got this pain on the inside of my ankle. I had this before when I was training for my marathon a few years ago and with a little massage of the muscle, the pain would go away.  Well, not this time.  After a few more miles I had to massage it again, and again, and again.  Oh joy!  Fast forward to then having to stand for 9 hours on my feet at work and as soon as I came home and pulled my shoe off it was like Armageddon in my ankle tendon.  Great description right? Ok, the pain wasn’t that bad, but it hurt pretty bad.  I iced it up and put on some compression socks in hopes it would help and crossed my fingers going to sleep that everything would be well and gone in the morning.

Not so much.  Monday I found out I most likely had tendinitis…yay.  NOT. I had a half marathon to run in two weeks!  Ok, so I calmed down a little bit and with the help of a coworker got some rock tape to help the tendon receive more blood flow to help it repair and get me back on the road again.


Rock tape to the rescue!

I’ve had this on for five days now, through a 7.5 mile run and a few shorter ones here and there, and I have been feeling great! Now if only I could apply that to my worry about the half marathon this weekend then I’d be set!

I’ll put it out there straight up I’m so terrified of this half marathon! My brain is telling me I’m under trained for it with my longest run being 10 miles three weeks ago.  Is that enough? How the heck am I supposed to know, especially with all these injuries going on?!

Ok, enough of my complaining…as it seems that that’s all I’ve done in this post anyhow.  So, to end it on a fun and pretty note, lets go back in time to happier times…shall we?

butano 237 Aplomado Falcon 5448_563879773496_7189966_n wpid-DSCF2137.JPG wpid-579874_10150980592761364_445219428_n.jpeg wpid-DSCF1491.JPG

Yeah, birds and flowers. I promise I’ll have something more uplifting to post about…in 15 days. After all the madness of school and final papers ends. Maybe.

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Side Notes: Where are Eating Disorders?

Side Notes: Where are Eating Disorders?

Yesterday was National GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Day, along with National Hug a Runner Day (I hope you hugged your runner friends…I got lots of hugs working at a running store!), two of my three favorite things, obviously besides birds (duh).


(Source Source)

I have spent the last six years working in the biological field, focusing on the study of birds and now pursing the study of GIS to learn more about their spatial distributions and patterns, especially when it comes to migration and climate change. I have focused for so long on these guys and my quest to help in the environmental conservation world that GIS was always aimed in that direction.

But after a comment from a friend the other day, it suddenly switched…to the idea of where eating disorders are.  Is there a correlation, ANYWHERE, AMONG ANYTHING, when it comes to eating disorders? If we were to know any information about these things, could it help us prevent any kids, teens, or adults, men and women alike, from developing any type of eating disorder?  Anything from binge eating disorders? Bulimia? Anorexia? EDNOS?

I know from first hand experience that the majority of eating disorder cases go unreported and people are suffering by themselves to try and recover…or not.  There has been no type of national survey about who has what, where and why.  Of course, because many people go through this in secret, how could we compile a national survey like this and get a full spectrum of results?  I spent a few hours searching this morning for any scientific papers about this and when I got nothing but one article, I thought, WHY?  Why has no one thought to look into this yet?

The National Eating Disorders Association has numerous articles about how eating disorders are found across cultural and monetary boundaries, people of all ages….basically running rampant among us all.  But is there something more?  Obviously, people are conducting scientific research to try and understand if there is a genetic factor, behavioral factor or other indicators…but what about geographically?  Spatially, there has to be some sort of correlation..there has to be, right?


Surveys have been conducted and Denmark is claimed to have the happiest people…I wonder if they have as many cases of people with eating disorders as…say a state of comparable population?  What is Denmark doing, or what do their people have, that could be preventing this?  Is there something we can do here to adapt that, and save even that one young boy or girl from going through the torture of developing an eating disorder?

I would do anything, ANYTHING, in my power to help as many people as I can to prevent and recover from an eating disorder. It is not at all something I would want another person to experience; even my worst enemy.  This disease is torturous, debilitating and dangerous, and something I wish never ever came into existence.

There are so many factors when it comes to how eating disorders develop. I have talked in the past about how mine spiraled from a loss of control, and a need to fit in with my college peers, but there are so many other reasons…how can we figure out what affects it the most?

Just a thought…

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More Catalina Island, 1/2 Marathon Training Update and Running Shoes

Well, I am back from Catalina Island and let me just say, I now know what it would be like to be a FULL TIME USC graduate student. I’m only part time right now, and thank goodness for that.  Taking the classes I am and working part time just about has me wishing there were many more hours to a day.  But everyone wishes for that, right?


I spent Thursday on a 6.5 mile hike, collecting data with two of my classmates and it was a workout! I don’t think I have ever hiked up a trail so steep in my life!  This is our before picture…


And then along the way…

DSCF0071 DSCF0077 DSCF0084

When we finally reached the top of the ridge line, the scenery was amazing.  We could see down both sides of the ridge and it was so cool to be able to see the ocean just surrounding us from all sides.  We climbed over 1,600 ft in less than a mile!

DSCF0104 DSCF0102 DSCF0096

All the data we collected during our hike was used on a project we worked on for what felt like two very long, brain cell crunching days.  We got our results and created a great presentation and a poster, which may be used at some conferences in the near future! Exciting!


Half Marathon News

While I was on the island I had every intention of doing some longer, tempo like runs to help me along my half marathon training…but that didn’t go so well.  Our school days were long and exhausting, and between that, the combination of new foods and the crazy hills along the only running path available, I ran once. I did the long hike, plus two other 4 mile hikes/walks, but that was it.

Going into this week I ran 4 times in the last two weeks, with my longest long run coming in at 9.5 miles. The half marathon is still three weeks away, but after a five miler a few days ago that felt like death, I’m a bit worried about the race now. I had ambitions to run the race and PR at 1:54, but I don’t know if that will happen anymore.  At this point, to ease my mind about the race, I just want to finish the race…maybe shoot for under two hours.  Wishful thinking maybe?  I guess I’ll have to wait and see how things go in the next few weeks…

At least if this race doesn’t go well, I already have another 1/2 marathon planned for January to make up for it! It will hopefully include some much needed time with these two wonderful friends…but we’ll talk more about that later as things progress ;)


Mizuno Running

Other running news, working at a running store means being able to try some new shoes. I recently got a pair of Brooks Pure Flow shoes..and if you know me, I’m a huge Mizuno fan and hardly stray from them.  I have a past with Brooks, as the last two times I tried running in them, I ended up with a serious number of micro-tears in my calves, leaving me unable to run, even walk at times.

Brooks Pure Flow

I wore these around at work the other day without my custom made insoles and they felt pretty good, along with no calf pain. I have yet to take them out on a run, and am going to wait to take them out with my half marathon coming up.  I don’t want to risk the chance of injury since those tears take forever to heal so I’m going to stick to my tried and true Mizuno and Adidas for the time being.

Is anyone else favorable to one running shoe brand over the other? I remember trying Nike, New Balance and Aasics years ago when I was in high school, but running shoes ten years ago were much different than they are now…

I would love to hear why you all love brand or version of a shoe over the other…it’ll help me at work too ;)

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Catalina Island

Well, USC has outdone itself in my book!


On the way to Catalina…We saw Bird Rock. You know I counted all the birds on there!


Lots of kelp and clear water off the cliffs near campus.

I have been on the island for four days now and it’s like I’ve gone on vacation! Ok, well, except for the whole, school part:


Staring at computers hurts my back…boo.


We have certainly been working hard and I’ve been learning so many new ways to use GIS.  I’m really enjoying actually spending some time with some of my classmates and professor, because before this I had never seen nor really talked to them!  What a difference it makes learning someone’s attitudes to make learning so much more fun!

We have been spending some time outside the classroom though. You know, so we don’t all go bonkers.  For instance, our professor drove us to Little Bay yesterday after a presentation we made, get our feet wet a little.  Geez the water was cold though! I stayed on the beach and, what else, was birding.  And enjoying the sunset….

DSCF0029 DSCF0025 DSCF0042

So much life on this island!


IMG_7139 IMG_7238 IMG_7157 IMG_7274I have a gnarly long hike to go on today to collect data for a project I’m working on while I’m here and school and I’m pretty excited. It’s around 6-7 miles on parts of the island I didn’t think we were going to get to see while we were here.  Should be interesting!


Well, I’m off to pack up my gear, hike and then meet the rest of the department faculty tonight! I’m excited to meet one of the professors as she’s a pretty well known scholar and has worked with GIS and a lot of environmental aspects.  Maybe she’ll be able to convince me to actually go for my master’s degree instead of just a certificate…we’ll see.

Right quick, thank you so much to two of my wonderful and amazing friends, Gena, Claire and Biz for their shout-outs for me on my Ten Years on Recovery.   It’s women like that that have helped me through all the tough times, along with many others who have encouraged me along the way, and helped me really really enjoy life. This trip would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different if I weren’t where I am today.  Instead of being excited about all the beautiful sights I’m going to see along my hike, I would have been worried about what I was going to eat, how little of it I could eat to not negate all the calories burned hiking.  Good grief! That doesn’t sound like a fun hike now, does it?!

Happy Thursday everyone!!!


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No Rest for the…Student

I know I still owe you a post about the other half of my trip to Mammoth…that won’t come any time soon, I’m sorry! I’ve got a crazy made week with school and work, then my brother just got into town and I’m going to try and spend some time with him before I have to leave for a week long trip for my class at USC on Catalina Island!  The madness of it all!  Throw in training for a half marathon and I’m pooped! And half these things haven’t even happened yet!

For now, I’ll leave you with a few bird photos I’ve taken recently…it has been the only way for me to chill out these days and not freak out!  Yeesh!  Well, and running of course!

IMG_6983 IMG_7011 IMG_7068 IMG_7073 IMG_6806 IMG_6879 IMG_6881 IMG_6574 IMG_6592 IMG_6605 IMG_6618 IMG_6662

I hope everyone is doing well!

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Side Notes: Ten Years Later

Side Notes: Ten Years Later

A lot has gone on in the last ten years in regards to my eating disorder.  Hell, almost 10 years ago to date was when it started when I was a freshman in college. If you have been reading my blog since I started to really post back in 2008, you have been here for the majority of it.  There is still a huge part of my eating disorder that I have not talked to anyone about, as all those thoughts and emotions are currently sitting in 7 journals in a box at my parents house.  Those seven books, they are how everything was going when my eating disorder first started.  Oh so long ago…

It amazes me what I’ve gone through in the past ten years:

I went from a bubbling high school graduate…


To a stressed out college freshman…


To a very sick young woman struggling to figure out where she belonged and who she was…


To fighting to bring myself back from killing my body and helping it recover…traveling the world and seeing all that it could teach me…



To years of mental battles and successes with the helps of my friends and family…

pics 077487928_10100618130658246_903542857_n44739_601476898556_5731006_n

To a huge move to ultimate recovery 9 years after it started.

IMAG1062 Peru 2012 1188

It has been a very tough ten years. I can only imagine what everyone around me was thinking as I continued to battle this disease, but they were always there for me.  This disease is stubborn, burying itself so deeply inside of you that you forget how to think like a normal person…especially about food, but also about exercise and what you see in the mirror.

It’s much easier today. Today, I don’t worry about how much I weigh and think more about how I feel. Running is no longer done simply to burn calories, but to train for bigger and better races.  I don’t revolve everything about what I’m going to eat that day, how I’ll be able to exercise, and what everyone will think when they see me.  I can no concentrate on birds, ecology, school, friends, family….I have my life back. I finally have it back from my eating disorder.

It amazes me still that I have been able to get to this point in my recovery. Ask me a year ago if I’d ever get to this point and I would have told you it felt impossible.  Absolutely out of reach.  So far off in space, that it may just not exist.  But it does. There is always a turning point.  ALWAYS.  I have gone to the edge and back with this disease and felt so hopeless at times that I thought I would be forever plagued by guilt about food and everything else in between.

But here it is. Recovery.  I’ve finally taken the road and I’m so glad I found it.  It’s been there all along, I just had to figure out how to walk down it.  I talk to many of you ladies personally about how to get to this road, and it’s not one I can just direct you to. It’s one you have to find and walk down yourself. It may feel like an earthquake underneath you while you’re walking on it, but that’s when you run. You run as fast as you can and the light at the end of that road, it’s filled with everything you’ve ever dreamed of.  None of those dreams ever left you, they just…went into hiding for a bit.

So ladies, and gentlemen if you’re out there, don’t give up on recovery.  It took me almost ten years to get there.  It was a long, hard and what felt like an impossible journey. But it’s there.

I’m always here to help. ALWAYS. Because I know what you’re going through, and I know what lies in the future for you as you work hard to recover.


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Take Me To The Mountains: Mammoth Lakes, Pt. 1

Hi everyone! I had a crazy weekend, taking some time to visit my favorite location in the Sierra Mountains, Mammoth Lakes. I have posted about this wonderful town before as I’ve taken a trip in the past two years, one time with Whit and another by myself, and it is always worth posting about. I mean, how could you not love to look at something like this!?


We did a lot of things in the 4 days we were there for sure! I was exhausted by the time i got home, one top of the fact that I wrote a paper for school while I was there AND had to study for a quiz which I had to take as soon as I got home! Yikes!

We made our way up through the desert and sadly weren’t able to visit Manzanar because of the government shut down…my Mom likes to visit the museum, as do the rest of us, to learn about the experience both my grandparents and their families went through during WWII and going to the internment camps.

mammoth 039 We did stop at my favorite bakery on the way up, Erick Schat’s Bakery in Bishop…so I could get my favorite treats and bread…and become only vegetarian and not vegan for the weekend. :)

mammoth 049 mammoth 066 mammoth 067 mammoth 071I live for their lemon and shortbread chocolate chip cookies! I am not normally a crispy cookie kind of gal, but these I make an exception for! My brother got a tub of their normal shortbread cookies I’ve been eating since I was a little kid and snuck in a few of those too…tasty!

We chilled out Friday night to acclimate (ok really, just Whit) to the altitude change but had great adventures planned for Saturday!

We decided to visit a place none of us had been to in about 20 years called Bodie State Park, an old ghost town out in the flats east of the Sierra’s!  I have pictures of this place from when I was a little little kid, of my cousins and I running around getting all creeped out by the degrading buildings and items literally left on the tables in houses, like the people had just been there for breakfast!

mammoth 081 mammoth 087 mammoth 092 mammoth 091

There are a variety of different buildings still standing on the property, which used to house up to 10,000 people when the town was booming back in the late 1800′s, early 1900′s.

mammoth 100 mammoth 101 mammoth 103

The town is a bit of a drive from the main highway, and off a dirt road, but I think it was well worth the drive. It’s amazing to me that people could live out here in the harsh environment of the foothills near the Sierra’s, but when I think about it, towns like this used to exist literally everywhere that now house metropolitan cities! Crazy!

mammoth 104 mammoth 117 mammoth 118 mammoth 120 mammoth 122 mammoth 124We were trying to decide while we were walking around if we had made this up or not, but when we were kids we remember being told that if we took anything from Bodie that the ghosts would follow us home and haunt us, but I think it was a ploy from our parents to keep us from taking anything. Certainly worked as we were still talking about it during this trip!

mammoth 128 mammoth 150 mammoth 152 mammoth 158 mammoth 164 mammoth 166Are you officially creeped out yet? I know I was while I was there! I’m sure you can see that many of these pictures have reflections in them, and it’s because most of the photos were taken through windows. It’s pretty scary when you first look into the window because you never know what you’re going to see, and I’m always afraid I’ll see something that I’m not expecting!

mammoth 173 mammoth 155 mammoth 187 mammoth 194 mammoth 204 mammoth 210It was interesting to walk around and learn all abut the different buildings throughout the park. I remember some of them, but most I forgot! There were back stories about the almost daily murders in the town and how many people would say, “Goodbye God, I’m going to Bodie“.  Pretty crazy, right?! So much to see there though! And so much cooler than I remember it, since I last week in the summer high!

On the way back we stopped at a lookout to see Mono Lake, an interesting lake and closed also because of the government shutdown! Arg! I love this lake because it is a huge migratory pocket for birds and it’s just so interesting!

mammoth 212 mammoth 213 mammoth 219

We left the Mono Basin and went to see the lakes in the June Lake Loop, which include Grant Lake, Silver Lake, Gull Lake and June Lake. All the lakes were low this year, which is to be expected with the lack of snowfall/rain in the past two years. It’s pretty devastating for this part of the country!

mammoth 232 mammoth 231 mammoth silver lake

We heard about a Beer Festival at Gull Lake and stopped there for a little bit to see what was going on. They had some microbreweries there from Mammoth but many were from where we are from, so not much to experience. Was pretty though!

mammoth 258 mammoth 260

We headed out to June Lake, a childhood favorite for my Mom, as that’s where she spent many years fishing and swimming with her family! I love it here too, and found that out part of the movie Oblivion is filmed here!

mammoth 266 mammoth 269 mammoth 279

It was a long day and you can bet we were all exhausted by the time we got home!

I can’t wait to tell you all about our fishing experiences on Sunday! But that’s for another post! I think I’ve overloaded you with pictures for this post!

Anyone been to Mammoth? Where is your favorite mountain spot!?

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Busy Bee

I am doing a horrible job of updating, aren’t I? I actually considered  not blogging anymore when I got my renewal notice from dream host…but I figured overall the price isn’t too bad and maybe it would encourage me to blog more? HAHA, yeah right, because I think that’s what I told myself last year when this happened! This is all for you my friends…all for you! Just as it has been since 2007!!

Anyhow, things have been mondo busy! I went through a very long and intense training with RRS last week and have been shadowing this week, along with the next few weeks to come. Guys, I have learned so much about running shoes, feet, muscles, and the art of running by leaps and bounds these past few weeks!


I cannot even explain the excitement I’ve been going through! It’s so much fun to help people find a great pair of shoes and learn all about the great races and activities they are/will participate in! I have been helping a variety of different people in the store and it’s almost as fun as working with all my lovely birds…which by the way I miss a lot and has been a serious adjustment! Being inside all day vs. outside has been hard to tackle, but luckily I’m on my feet the whole time and busy, so it goes by quick.

But don’t worry, I haven’t given up on my beautiful birds! I actually went birding with the local Audubon Chapter last weekend after my long run with my running club! We went to one of the river mouths in the county (I visited once before but going with people who know their stuff is much more fun) and it was a blast! I must say, joining an audubon chapter as a young person is not an easy thing. The majority of the people in these groups are older than me and have know each other for years, or even decades, and for some reason always is hard to connect with them. Don’t get me wrong, in the end I was excited to have met these people and now become part of their “circle,” but it’s always hard at first….especially since I am so painfully shy when I first meet people/groups. Anyhow, picture?

Santa Clara River Mouth, VenturaWe saw a sweet assortment of birds and I even got a lifer with the wandering tattler we found at the jetty! I didn’t get a picture because I didn’t have my camera, but he was a cut little guy!

zzWanderingTattler13D(Reference shot for you! Source)

I also have the amazing opportunity today to meet the Executive Director of the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, Dr. Linnea Hall. A friend of Whit’s knows her and works with her at the museum and when I expressed my enthusiasm for birds offered to introduce me to her! I read some of a bird egg and nest book the museum produced about their history and items in the collection…get ready for a geek out from me after today about this place!


Back to running though, I have been having some hip problems (again) as of late and have been taking it easy. I hate it when I get so excited about running then everything seems to go to crap! Ok, not everything is horrible right now but I just wish I could stay injury free!  Anyways, I have been dealing with my piriformis again, but mostly a tight IT band, which I’ve never had before. Combine that with a mysterious knee popping/cracking and I’m punching a pillow in frustration!

20130918_075002I did a 5 miler last weekend with my running group before the Audubon field trip and it was great. I have decided to cut back on the mileage a little (although how much can I cut back on from only 20/miles a week!?) in hopes of getting things healed before I really have to focus on getting my long runs longer to get ready for my half marathon! I have two months almost to the day to get ready, and if I’m careful I think I can do it. I would love to PR as I know I have gotten faster, but I don’t want to kill my legs in the process!

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. School has been a hassle to handle but I’m getting by. I have started on final projects for both my classes so now things are getting busier and with a trip to the Sierra‘s this weekend I’m scrambling for time to read and write all my papers and books! Madness! But I have been learning such amazing things and getting a new perception on GIS that I’m loving it! We’ll see how the rest of the semester goes!

How is everyone doing!? I know everyone is excited to for fall so I want some suggestions of pumpkin recipes! I have a great Vegan Pecan Pumpkin Bread I plan on making soon but otherwise I would love some savory recipes! I’m game for anything!

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School, Work and Everything In Between…Like Lots of Treats

What a few weeks it’s been, whew! I have been super busy with work, interviews, you name it! Where do I start!

Well, last I let you know I was interviewing for different positions at several places. I got a call back for one, and found out last weekend that I got one! You are now looking at the new fit expert in the shoe department at Road Runner Sports!

Road Runner SportsI’m super excited to start learning so much more about running, running shoes and the community this company has!  Thank goodness I just bought two new pairs of running shoes to show how much more dedicated I am about running again! Remember these?!

Mizuno Wave Elixir 8Mizuno Wave Elixir 8

Adidas Energy BoostAdidas Energy Boost

I’ll soon be able to tell you ever detail about these two shoes…but for now, I’ll stick with how awesome they are and how they have made running so great lately! So great to the point where I have been excited to go to my Tuesday Speed/Hill Workouts with the local running club and upping my miles to train for a half marathon!  I finally decided which one I’m going to run too! It’s local and I’m super excited since it supports a great cause!


I thought about doing one before that but I have several trips I’m going on that will hinder my training and even now makes me a little nervous! But, it’ll be great and I’m sure I’ll have fun!

And what better than to fuel for some awesome running, right? I have been frequenting the new and local Whole Foods in the area and boy, so freaking dangerous. I have been on a breakfast food kick as I’ve been in a rut eating cereal for the past few months, but have discovered a few other things! I have been eating a variety of bagels from local bakeries like it’s going out of style, but also these vegan scones I found at WF. OMG I die I want one right now! I have had the chocolate chip, carrot raisin and some other mixed one they have had in stock. Here’s the chocolate chip:


I also found an awesome little local bakery that has some vegan goodies too! I met the owners of Sticky Fingers yesterday and they were so wonderful and energetic! I purchased their popular morning glory muffin and hot damn, I am in trouble this place being so close. Maybe if I ever get treats there I’ll make myself walk…make up for eating all these sweets! HAHA!

Sticky Fingers Baking CompanyI have also been getting in some healthy food to supplement for all the running! Woohoo! At least a little…maybe. Mwahahaha!

But let me say, there has been a fair share of chocolate consumption from all the stress I’ve been under. I had a project for one of my classes that had me stumped for DAYS (no joke) and by Monday night when I finished it at almost midnight I was absolutely exhausted. Guess that’s what happens when you take graduate school courses, right? Goodness gracious!

20130918_075002Honey feels my exhaustion, because it means I have been staring at the computer instead of at her. This is one pissed off cat, who now has decide that the only way to get my attention is if she bites me…on the face. No joke, takes my cheeks and jaw line and bites! Little rascal!

But, in the midst of all of that, I did take a trip back up to the redwoods to train a new technician. It was so wonderful to be back in the woods and really, the redwoods. There is just this feeling I get when I am surrounded by trees and well, trees!

20130911_094400 20130911_094351 20130911_085942Why can’t these trees be everywhere…or everywhere I end up living? haha!

Oh, and I did take some time this weekend to appreciate the outdoors with the Aloha Festival taking part at the local beach park! Whit got his shave ice that was as authentic as home and I got to watch the hula dancers! Of course we watched some surfers for the surf contest and saw some of Whit’s friends.

Aloha FestivalWhew, so much in the past ten days! And now I’m about to start work on Friday (my BIRTHDAY!!!) and hopefully everything will go smoothly!!!

Anyone been to any festivals lately!? I know apple season is right upon us so there are bound to be some going on soon!!!!

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Fun September

Why will September be fun you ask?! Because it’s my birthday month people! I am going to turn the ripe ol’ age of 28.

I think 28 is going to be a big and good year for me. I don’t quite know what it is, but I can feel it. I mean, what not to like about September? All our favorite TV shows come back with new seasons!! Right?! HAHAHAHA.

Ok, anyhow. 28. What am I going to do in my 28th year? Well, I’ve got a few things in mind... But I’ll tell you about those when I turn 28 in seventeen days.

For now, I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to…because as much as it doesn’t amount to much, I feel like I have no time for anything! Boo!

School work has been keeping me super busy. Two classes is a serious amount of work right now. Maybe it’s because I’m still not in the groove, but I’m blaming the holiday off so things are off by a day. Yikes! Honey is not a fan of where my attention is, and is trying to prevent my sitting on the computer:

20130826_112335IMG_20130906_203520 Such a ham, no joke. She has been attacking the shower curtain also. Cat butt!

20130906_190422Ok, enough cat pictures. What else have I been up to…

Well, I got a new version of my favorite running shoes this week. I had been wearing the Mizuno Wave Elixir 7′s since last October and this summer I decided to try out the new Adidas Energy Boost, which I’m loving, but the Mizuno’s help keep my stride and foot fall correct, so I had to buy another (I blew out the 7′s). So I decided to go for the less bright but still colorful blue version of the 8′s. And I LOVE them!

IMG_20130904_180904Not only do these babies help me keep great posture while I run (even when I get tired) but they helped (along with a great pair of insoles from Road Runner Sports) keep my piriformis injury at bay and increase my speed! It has been so so so exciting to watch myself get faster as I improve so much about my running “chi” (I read the book, Chi Running, and highly recommend it) and I’m hoping that as I train with this running group for long runs and speed work I’ll get even faster! A girl can dream! And what better conditions can I ask for than these, right?

IMG_20130903_070059 20130831_140516I’m sorry for all of those Californian’s that are crying right now about the heat, but I’m fortunate enough to…not be. Living near the beach has some awesome perks, and that means sea breeze and lower temps.  I am one happy happy girl!

But not only has running been going well (Ok, when I am running, motivation right now is…lacking) but I have also been going through some interviews to see if I can get a job! I have had two in the past two days and let me tell you, I am always absolutely wiped after these things! I haven’t done any face to face, let alone group interviews in over 5 years so I was stressing out a little bit. I’m trying not to him and ha about all the things I could have done or should have said because I can’t do anything about it now. I just wait and hope that next week I hear some good news!

IMG_20130907_073559 IMG_20130906_072754

I have
otherwise been busy just with school and keeping up with life! I am heading out of town to do some extra work up in Santa Cruz again for a few days so I’m excited to be in the redwoods again! I seriously miss those big ol’s trees! Then before I know it, another week will have gone by and it’ll be my birthday! What should I do?! I hardly ever celebrate so we’ll see if I can come up with anything for this year. Suggestions?! What did you do for your 28th? And if you’re not 28 yet…then, 27? Or 26? You get the idea…haha!


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