The Great Race

Has it really been two months since I’ve posted? I apologize! I can’t even explain how time has gotten away from me in the past two months and just been nuts!

I would love to blame it on school, but in reality, I was only taking one class this semester so it wasn’t too time consuming. I have been very busy at work though ,and running has been at the forefront.  In addition, I ended up with a really really bad stomach bug that I felt like almost killed me and put me out of commission for a whole week.

Anyhow, we need to backtrack to the 22nd of March to the first trail half marathon I took place in! And what a race it was!  I did a ton of training for this race, specifically the trail part and working on getting my trial legs.  It was a tough race for sure! By the end I felt like I had used every fiber in my body to get to the end…under 2 hours. Whoa like whoa.

Strava strava2

As hard as I trained for this race it was still tough and it kicked my butt.  The race was technically deemed a trail race, but only half of it was actually on trails.  The first few miles were on asphalt, and the last few miles were too.  The hill listed above was all on the trail.  And it was KILLER.


This was right before we left the asphault for the trail…



This photo was taken just after we had gotten onto the trail.  At this point it was just a slight incline and not too bad. The trail was a bit rutty from the rains we had a week or so before but nothing we couldn’t handle.  I was setting a pretty nice pace and was feeling good, although I remember dreading the idea of reaching around to get my Gu Chomps out of my backpack to try and eat. I seriously hate fueling during races. Uggh.

Anyhow, by the time I hit the rocky parts I was getting tired…and not realizing how much more hilly parts I had to go. It was brutal, and add on the fact that it was a one track trail so it was hard to pass, I got stuck behind a few people and it made moving around quite difficult.  But I passed a few people, especially this one boy that I swear his ankles were going to snap with every rock he stepped on, and was on my way. I walked a big part of the gnarly long hilly part because I was just exhausted, but once I hit the peak, I was high flying by then.

That is when the asphault starts again and man, my calves took a beating…that would last for weeks to come (and I’ll explain that later).  We had a serious downhill that I tried to use to my advantage and I did, but I think I took it a little too hard. By the second mile of the three at the end of the race I slowed down my pace considerably because my legs felt so heavy and I lacking any serious power. But knowing the course and that the end was near, I booked it the last mile plus and BAM, the race was over.


I grabbed my medal and then went to find my friends!

IMG_0830 IMG_0831IMG_0840

Everyone else had a great race. It was tough, but man oh man one to remember!

And! I was lucky enough that my boss signed up myself and a few others from our store to visit the VIP tent and omg was I grateful for it. They had potatoes, which is now my food of choice after every race or long run! NOM Nom!

IMG_0835 IMG_0836

So stinking tasty!

So I can’t remember all the details of my race because well, it was two months ago, but it was one that has had some lasting effects.  Without going into too much detail, I think the uphills, downhills, speed and shoes are to blame for a two month lasting tightness in my calves that has had me on the verge of madness because they won’t heal.  I have found some remedies but they are short lived and since I have another half marathon, this being after a RAGNAR race that I still have to recap for you all, the best one thus far has been slowing down…a lot. It’s killing me because I am loving getting faster and working on my speed, but if it has to be done, it has to be done.  And just means I can get speedy later, right?! Yes!

Ok, that’s all for now…and I’m off to work on my RAGNAR Relay recap for you all :)  Now that, was a crazy race with now crazy stories and some new reputations for our team…hahaha!

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5 Responses to The Great Race

  1. itzyskitchen says:

    AWESOME job!!!! I’ve never done a trail race, but totally want to. Rocking time

  2. Amy Lauren says:

    I was wondering what you were up to and why you hadn’t posted. I’m glad you had a great trail half, I ran one once, in prep for a full. I liked the trail half much better than the full… I’ve never had potatoes after a run but maybe I will have to try that too. Can’t wait to read about RAGNAR.

    Oh, and I have those Elixir shoes… both colors. I hate that they are discontinued! They are my faves!

  3. Nice job, that hill looks killer. I think the downhills are worse, I did a 20 mile trail race in Feb, and the downhills destroyed me!

  4. I just love these pictures – they are all SO good! Despite the tightness in your calves (boo), it looks and sounds like such a fun race. And I’ll have to try potatoes after my next big run…that sounds pretty darn delicious. :) Congrats lady — can’t wait to read about the Ragnar recap, too!

  5. G says:

    Nice job! Did you have fun during the race?
    I did a super long, steep hike the other day and the way down almost made me cry. My knees!

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