A Few Things, Mostly Running and Side Note (Kind of…)

I say this time and time again, that I keep falling off the face of the blog earth and just…let you sit and wait. I can promise you, nothing too exciting is going on. It’s like I’ve finally fallen into a pattern with life, and that’s not a bad thing!  Basically life has consisted of the typical things I’ve been talking about: school, running, work…and repeat. Hah! It’s certainly keeping my busy! And all at the same time, exhausted!


Driving out to an early morning run….

So a little detail on each of these things, if you have some time to let yourself get…a little bored. LOL.

I’ll start off with running, because that is probably the most interesting aspect of life right now. I’ve got two half marathons and a Ragnar coming up in the next few months.  Not until the past week or so has it really hit me how much I am concerned about these three races, but in a good way!

M2B RagnarSoCal

The race coming up the fastest is The Great Race of Agoura Hills. It is a huge race with two different half marathons, a trail and a street version, a 10k, 5k and kids 1 mile run.  I was conned by my coworkers into doing the trail version.  I think I may have been crazy at the time I decided to run that one.

Great Race of Agoura Hills


Do you see the madness which is this race?! I am stoked for it, and scared half to death at the same time.  But I have been giving this race, along with knowledge of my others coming up, a lot of focus.  A good focus though. I’ll explain…

Years before these kinds of races were all about hitting times (as these are too, but in a different way) and burning calories to stay thin.  I was always so concerned with beating my old times but not because I wanted to better myself, just because I felt that if I didn’t get a new PR, I was a failure.  There were a few instances when I didn’t PR and it was like a bat to my self esteem.  There was this mentality that I had to not only get the time, but look the part too.  All runners are super skinny, right?  Well, no longer.


Now, it’s about bettering myself through good training, awesome fueling and patience in recovery.  I have already had some ups and downs with some little injuries since I started training for this race in particular, but by being patient, rational and remembering this is for fun and should be enjoyable, I have been able to come back from them.  I have been taking time to train with a group on Tuesday nights with speed work and running with coworkers on Saturdays in the hills and trails to prepare myself.  For instance, last Saturday I ran an 11+ miler with a group of guys from work and it was hard, but at the same time a relief to know that I could do it; not only physically, but mentally.



The track practices and focus on my stride and posture have also been helping out too. I went for a five mile run earlier this week and without too much extra effort, I was flying down the beach path near my place!



I am seriously stoked.  Like, no joke.  Saying this makes me feel kind of like a jerk, but I am so excited to see myself getting better and faster.  It’s like the hard work is finally paying off! But maybe it’s not so much about the hard work though, but doing it right this time.  Making sure I’m fueling right has made such a huge difference.  No longer is there worry about how many calories I now have to expend and then consume after the fact. It’s more along the lines of, “What is my body craving and need now that I’ve run a crazy amount of miles and I’m hungry!?”  And that’s how it should be, right?  HELL YES.

So along with this race coming up at the end of March, and Ragnar two weeks after that, my main focus after that will be the Mountains to Beach Half Marathon here in Ventura.  I have made a goal for this half that I am pretty stoked to try and beat: 1:50!

M2BCourseThis is the perfect race for that time of goal because it is slightly downhill for the majority of the race.  The last few miles are completely flat, which will probably feel like death, but I’m excited to try.  I have joined and paid to be in a training group that I’m hoping will keep my focused and enable me to beat that time!  Three years ago I remember being stoked to break 2 hours in the half and when I ran the Santa to the Sea Half in December and hit 1:52 it was like a light went off and I thought, why not really put something into this and break 1:50!!??

So that’s the running portion of this post…and now for some other random things!

I’ve been trying out some new hairstyles lately. I’ve been getting a little tired of my long hair and curling it, but thanks to some hair savvy friends and pinterest I have now discovered the easiest way to get that beach/wavy hair look and I’m digg’n it!


Mom says it makes me look older…which might help at work since every customer thinks I’m just out of high school and not twenty yet…yeah yeah, I know, quit my whining. Anyhow, new hair due!

I also made an effort to actually bake something the other day too! I had my books out, digging around trying to figure out what to bake first and after putting it up on FB and Instagram I went with the first reply I got: APPLE PIE!  Who says this pie is limited to only the fall, huh?! TASTED AMAZING! And it’s vegan! WOOT WOOT!

20140220_092707 Messenger_5842362701740677625_13929278139734479

This is not going to last long in my place…Whit and I are going to eat it ALL.

And, last but not least, the obligatory Honey photo.  Happy weekend!


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16 Responses to A Few Things, Mostly Running and Side Note (Kind of…)

  1. itzyskitchen says:

    Good luck on all the runs!!!!!!!!!! Your hair looks sooo pretty wavy. Gah! That pie!!

  2. Amy Lauren says:

    That pie looks delicious! I am sooo glad to hear running is going well for you too. I also do track practices on Tuesdays (mornings, but I feel like Tuesday is the universal day to run on the track for all runners), and it helps big time. I wish I could get someone to help me with form/stride/posture etc, I bet that would be another thing that could help me take it to the next level.

    You have a good point about food. At a certain point, it is not “diet and exercise” but “train and fuel”. And eating is about fueling your body with the right things but also enough food!

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks Amy! Track practices have seriously taken my running to a whole new level; it makes me excited to run and get better at it again! I have done a lot of reading about posture/stride/form and stuff and I think having the time to concentrate on those things during shorter runs helps. And the DIET vs. FUELING concept is now so much more about fueling. I now know why I felt like crap all those years ago! NO FOOD IN MY BODY! Haha!

  3. I may be biased but I am love, love, loving the waves! You look amazing! The races sound super exciting — I actually saw Tara last night and she is going to be doing the Ragnar race in Cali, too! You’ll have to keep a lookout for her van. :) That apple pie looks AMAZING. It wouldn’t last long here, either!

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks Jenn! I’m digging having a new hairstyle…I was starting to get tired of my long hair and thought of just chopping it all off! I’ll keep an out for Tara and ask her what her team name is! I would love to “run” into her again! And that apple pie…lasted all of two days. Haha! Whit thought it was amazing!

  4. Kim says:

    Loving your hair that way!

    And my hubs is doing that Ragnar race, as well!

  5. Glad to hear you are doing well, and enjoying your running! Good luck for your training/racing!

  6. G says:

    This post was really timely for me. I stopped racing because it made me feel so terrible. I could never feel proud of myself at the end- only extreme disappointment.I still run, but I am afraid to run a race because I know I will put an enormous amount of pressure on myself. I’d love to hear more on how you got over this. It has been on my mind a lot with spring approaching.

  7. cor says:

    What’s your trick/technique for your wavy hair?! It looks really great!

  8. Reader says:

    would love to hear how you got your hair that way too! I think you forgot the link in your answer above:)

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