Trail Running Time

Soon after the 1/2 marathon was finished I was thinking about the next race I wanted to run. Originally I thought about running the Arizona Rock n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon but after finishing Santa to the Sea, I knew I no longer wanted to do that race.  It just seems too long of a race to train for right now with my body still recovering from the last one.

So instead, I’m taking a step out of my running comfort box and doing a trail race! I have several coworkers and running buddies who love running trails and at first tried to get me to do the 1/2 marathon, but I settled on the 6k race at Boney Mountain instead.


I am stoked for this race, and extremely terrified all at the same time.  Am I seriously going to do a trail race? The girl who is terrified of anything that might break a bone or strain a muscle?  Oh wait, I am accident prone and run. TA DA! HAHAH!

Anyhow, so I am doing the 6k (4 miles) on the 12th and have a few friends encouraging me to get my butt on the trails and start training. I’m lucky enough to have some hills right in my backyard so yesterday morning bright and early I headed up the hill.  And when I say headed up the hill, I mean I huffed and puffed and walked more than I would like.

DSCF0141 DSCF0143


Gotta start somewhere right?  Some of trail I ran was cement lined, which was not quite what I was looking forward to in regards to rough terrain but don’t worry, I found some.  And some stairs that just about killed my butt. Literally.  Luckily on the way up, I saw this guy, who LOVED my camera.


How funny is he!? Trying to literally fly into my camera! Ok, he was also dodging the dive bombs from another Anna’s Hummingbird nearby too. Poor guy!


Don’t worry little dude, you’re famous now! Well, as much as he can be with my little rinky dink site!

DSCF0159I made it to the top and it was breathtaking. This is what I miss the most about the field: The Views.  They are SPECTACULAR!  I can’t wait to start exploring more trails around my place and work! And of course there is the awesome weather we have going on here in SoCal..tank top and short in the middle of December? Yes please!


So I ran from the top of the hill, well, as far as I could get without going into restricted areas, then ran back down all the way to the beach and to the end of the pier!


All came around full circle! I learned a lot on that run, like how I need to start training more on hills to increase my endurance…and start taping my piriformis because it is pissed this morning. Hills does that every time! Dang it!  Just means I need to start doing more of my strength training!


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2 Responses to Trail Running Time

  1. Erica says:

    Wahoo! Yayy for a new adventure. I always look for my next race a few days after I finish one :)

  2. biz319 says:

    I think trail running is awesome! I may need to sign up for a race in 2014 – my last race was in 2008! Happy Holidays Mel!

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