Santa to the Sea Half Marathon

Ok, school finally ended last week so I’ll stop complaining about it for the next..three weeks before it starts again. :)  I finished off the semester well enough for now; A in one class, awaiting my final report grade from the second. We shall see!

Anyhow, I ran a half marathon the other weekend?  Did I forget to tell you that? No, I know I complained about my hip and foot along the way!


Well, just when I thought things couldn’t have gotten any worse, we think my colon might have twisted two nights before the race.  Either that, or some sort of very very bad Crohn’s flare up that had me in some serious pain.  I ended up deciding the morning of if I was actually going to run the race.  I could have gone either way, feeling ok but not 100%…but I’m glad I decided to, even if I was worried the whole race!


Sunrise the morning of…

Anyhow, I ran with a good friend from my running group and no joke, could not have done it without him and one of the other club members who ended up running it with us too. I can’t thank them enough of course!

Anyhow, the whole race was rather interesting.  First off, it was COLD that morning.  38* at the start! I don’t think I have ever run a race that cold…I’ve attended one colder than that (remember your Disney Marathon in 2009 Meghann?!) but never run one.  I had planned the whole time though to run the race in shorts and a long sleeve because I simply get too hot too easily and knew it would turn into a problem if I wore capris.  That and all my capris fall off my butt. Haha!

Staying warm in the car near the start

Staying warm in the car near the start

Anyhow, the first few miles were fine, I was finally starting to warm up and thank goodness, not having any problems with my toes.  I lathered them up in the thickest lotion I had and I think it helped with insulation along with my new switwik socks and presto! I was good!  After about mile three though, my right hip started to get tight.  I figured it was probably just the cold, but not so much.

My right hip was tight the entire race.  I had to keep slowing down to do high knees or some sort of hip stretch to keep everything from making me stop completely.  It was hard to handle, along with my insides being on the verge of very angry the whole time, but it is what it is.


I finished the race in 1:52:05 (official finish time) and totally slammed my goal or breaking 1:54 (my old PR from the Oakland 1/2 Marathon).


I told my friend that I could run the first 10 miles and that he just had to get me through the last three miles, and he did a great job getting me there! We ran the majority of our long runs together and his reminders of where we were on the race route in comparison to our long run route really helped me get through it.  He was even kind enough to let me finish ahead of him..and photobombed my official finish photo in the mean time:


Gotta love the guy and his Mickey Mouse ears.  Classic! HAHAHA!

Of course after I finished running and everything was over, I flet amazing!!!


My friend from high school also ran the race and hung out with Whit and I the majority of the time and was super speedy fast! She finished the race in 1:28 and blew everyone out of the water!


My pacer!


Best cheerleader a girl could ask for!  He got up and took my friend and I to the start, held onto all our stuff while we ran, waited around for us to finish and drove us home!

20131208_095915 20131208_102019

And look who else I ran into!  I talked to Monica a few days before since she ran the race the year before and found out she would be there.  I think I passed her seconds before the end and didn’t even realize it!  Too funny!  She did a great job though!

Overall it was a great race.  It was well organized and there was a great amount of supplies along the way, water, powerade and gu’s.  They had cheering sections by neighborhoods along the way along with a few live bands and even taiko drums!  So fun!

There is only one thing…there was none of the normal excitement at the end of the race.  I remember when I PR’d in Oakland years ago, I was excited for days and couldn’t wait to run the next 1/2 marathon.  But this time, something just wasn’t there. I had fun, no doubt about it, but it just wasn’t the same for some reason.  Maybe because my hip was bothering me and my stomach was on edge, it wasn’t as fun as it could have been.

So, for now, no more half marathons for a bit. My hip is still angry and I’m going to work on some cross training to strengthen it up again.  So, Insanity workouts again it is! YAY!  I did one a few days ago and although my body fell into sync with the workout immediately, my muscles definitely did not. Haha!  I was hurting for days!

Anyhow, I’ve got my next race planned, but I’ll talk about that in my next post! Until then!

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4 Responses to Santa to the Sea Half Marathon

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    Congratulations on your PR! 1:50 is an excellent time and I loved reading your race report. I am glad you got to do it with the stomach issues.

    I’d say imagine what you could do if you went into the race 100%, but if you’re not enjoying it, I don’t blame you for not doing halfs or fulls. I like half marathons but I won’t do another full, I just didn’t like it. Hopefully you get the hip and the tummy troubles taken care of soon.

    Love the photobombed picture AND your shoes, because I am so buying those shoes for Christmas :).

  2. Erica says:

    YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!! Congrats!

  3. Krista says:

    Great job,Melissa!

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