School Gets In The Way

I blame school 100% for my absence.  Ok, that’s a lie. I blame school 55% for my absence, and work for the rest.  Can I just say that working holidays in retail is SO STINKING EXHAUSTING!!!!!!!  This is probably why I have never worked a real retail job in my life and why I prefer birds/wildlife to people. Although, sometimes I think people can be real animals too. Hah!

Anyways, I’m freaking exhausted, and I’m not even through the end of school or the holiday season yet.  I worked some pretty long shifts before and after Thanksgiving and let me just say that by Sunday you could see it in my face and I could feel myself breaking down pretty fast.  You add on top of that the stress I have put on myself with school and it’s a recipe for disaster.  But who wants a recipe for that, right? Because I know you’d rather have a recipe for this beauty:


Pumpkin Cheesecake Anyone?

I made this yummy treat for a coworker who took a shift for me a few weeks ago and I thought I would let you drool over it for a little bit…then give you a link to the recipe.  It’s pretty easy to assemble except for the whole waiting game at the end of “cool on rack for XX min” then “Release spring from pan and wait XX min” thennnnn “Completely release the side of the spring-foam pan from the cheesecake and wait XX min before removing completely.”  Yeah…so this cheesecake essentially takes over two hours to create.  And when I say create, I mean it.

Otherwise, things have been revolving around my foot and the cat recently. I had my first sickness scare with her a week or so ago when she become super lethargic, sleeping way more than her crazy amount of sleeping hours and breathing kind of funny. I almost skipped Thanksgiving because I was so worried about her! But one morning she woke up and was back to her normal, fat and happy self.


What a stinker!

Besides the cat, because obviously my world revolves around her crazy, scratching up my arms and hands self, I’ve been a worry wart about my foot as of late when this happened one night and I freaked you all out and didn’t respond:


Worry Much?

I should have put a disclaimer on this photo and let everyone know there was an ice pack underneath that ace bandage…but I’m assuming you all knew that and that my ankle wasn’t the size of a softball…right?  Yes, anyhow…so I did a long run about a week and a half ago and a few miles into it I got this pain on the inside of my ankle. I had this before when I was training for my marathon a few years ago and with a little massage of the muscle, the pain would go away.  Well, not this time.  After a few more miles I had to massage it again, and again, and again.  Oh joy!  Fast forward to then having to stand for 9 hours on my feet at work and as soon as I came home and pulled my shoe off it was like Armageddon in my ankle tendon.  Great description right? Ok, the pain wasn’t that bad, but it hurt pretty bad.  I iced it up and put on some compression socks in hopes it would help and crossed my fingers going to sleep that everything would be well and gone in the morning.

Not so much.  Monday I found out I most likely had tendinitis…yay.  NOT. I had a half marathon to run in two weeks!  Ok, so I calmed down a little bit and with the help of a coworker got some rock tape to help the tendon receive more blood flow to help it repair and get me back on the road again.


Rock tape to the rescue!

I’ve had this on for five days now, through a 7.5 mile run and a few shorter ones here and there, and I have been feeling great! Now if only I could apply that to my worry about the half marathon this weekend then I’d be set!

I’ll put it out there straight up I’m so terrified of this half marathon! My brain is telling me I’m under trained for it with my longest run being 10 miles three weeks ago.  Is that enough? How the heck am I supposed to know, especially with all these injuries going on?!

Ok, enough of my complaining…as it seems that that’s all I’ve done in this post anyhow.  So, to end it on a fun and pretty note, lets go back in time to happier times…shall we?

butano 237 Aplomado Falcon 5448_563879773496_7189966_n wpid-DSCF2137.JPG wpid-579874_10150980592761364_445219428_n.jpeg wpid-DSCF1491.JPG

Yeah, birds and flowers. I promise I’ll have something more uplifting to post about…in 15 days. After all the madness of school and final papers ends. Maybe.

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3 Responses to School Gets In The Way

  1. itzyskitchen says:

    Hang in there!!! Glad kitty is doing better and your ankle is hanging in. Do the best you can with the half- thats all that matters, right?

  2. Good luck with your half, I think being under-prepared can be a good thing, you’ll have fresh legs at least. I worked a lot of holidays in retail throughout school/university- yes it is hellish! I feel for you!

  3. Every time I see a picture of that pumpkin cheesecake I drool a little bit. :) I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your half, lady — and that these injuries are all just temporary and will disappear ASAP! Love all the bird and flower photos!

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