Catalina Island

Well, USC has outdone itself in my book!


On the way to Catalina…We saw Bird Rock. You know I counted all the birds on there!


Lots of kelp and clear water off the cliffs near campus.

I have been on the island for four days now and it’s like I’ve gone on vacation! Ok, well, except for the whole, school part:


Staring at computers hurts my back…boo.


We have certainly been working hard and I’ve been learning so many new ways to use GIS.  I’m really enjoying actually spending some time with some of my classmates and professor, because before this I had never seen nor really talked to them!  What a difference it makes learning someone’s attitudes to make learning so much more fun!

We have been spending some time outside the classroom though. You know, so we don’t all go bonkers.  For instance, our professor drove us to Little Bay yesterday after a presentation we made, get our feet wet a little.  Geez the water was cold though! I stayed on the beach and, what else, was birding.  And enjoying the sunset….

DSCF0029 DSCF0025 DSCF0042

So much life on this island!


IMG_7139 IMG_7238 IMG_7157 IMG_7274I have a gnarly long hike to go on today to collect data for a project I’m working on while I’m here and school and I’m pretty excited. It’s around 6-7 miles on parts of the island I didn’t think we were going to get to see while we were here.  Should be interesting!


Well, I’m off to pack up my gear, hike and then meet the rest of the department faculty tonight! I’m excited to meet one of the professors as she’s a pretty well known scholar and has worked with GIS and a lot of environmental aspects.  Maybe she’ll be able to convince me to actually go for my master’s degree instead of just a certificate…we’ll see.

Right quick, thank you so much to two of my wonderful and amazing friends, Gena, Claire and Biz for their shout-outs for me on my Ten Years on Recovery.   It’s women like that that have helped me through all the tough times, along with many others who have encouraged me along the way, and helped me really really enjoy life. This trip would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different if I weren’t where I am today.  Instead of being excited about all the beautiful sights I’m going to see along my hike, I would have been worried about what I was going to eat, how little of it I could eat to not negate all the calories burned hiking.  Good grief! That doesn’t sound like a fun hike now, does it?!

Happy Thursday everyone!!!


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3 Responses to Catalina Island

  1. itzyskitchen says:

    How beautiful! What a cool trip

  2. Gorgeous photos, lady!! I love that you are having such a great time at school. The photo of the lobster (at least I think that is what that is?!) is awesome. Can’t wait to hear more about everything!

    • Melissa says:

      Yeah, it’s…well, half of a lobster. We found a few heads while we were out there but they were so fresh looking! Well, with nothing on their inside. Poor lobsters. :}

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