Busy Bee

I am doing a horrible job of updating, aren’t I? I actually considered  not blogging anymore when I got my renewal notice from dream host…but I figured overall the price isn’t too bad and maybe it would encourage me to blog more? HAHA, yeah right, because I think that’s what I told myself last year when this happened! This is all for you my friends…all for you! Just as it has been since 2007!!

Anyhow, things have been mondo busy! I went through a very long and intense training with RRS last week and have been shadowing this week, along with the next few weeks to come. Guys, I have learned so much about running shoes, feet, muscles, and the art of running by leaps and bounds these past few weeks!


I cannot even explain the excitement I’ve been going through! It’s so much fun to help people find a great pair of shoes and learn all about the great races and activities they are/will participate in! I have been helping a variety of different people in the store and it’s almost as fun as working with all my lovely birds…which by the way I miss a lot and has been a serious adjustment! Being inside all day vs. outside has been hard to tackle, but luckily I’m on my feet the whole time and busy, so it goes by quick.

But don’t worry, I haven’t given up on my beautiful birds! I actually went birding with the local Audubon Chapter last weekend after my long run with my running club! We went to one of the river mouths in the county (I visited once before but going with people who know their stuff is much more fun) and it was a blast! I must say, joining an audubon chapter as a young person is not an easy thing. The majority of the people in these groups are older than me and have know each other for years, or even decades, and for some reason always is hard to connect with them. Don’t get me wrong, in the end I was excited to have met these people and now become part of their “circle,” but it’s always hard at first….especially since I am so painfully shy when I first meet people/groups. Anyhow, picture?

Santa Clara River Mouth, VenturaWe saw a sweet assortment of birds and I even got a lifer with the wandering tattler we found at the jetty! I didn’t get a picture because I didn’t have my camera, but he was a cut little guy!

zzWanderingTattler13D(Reference shot for you! Source)

I also have the amazing opportunity today to meet the Executive Director of the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, Dr. Linnea Hall. A friend of Whit’s knows her and works with her at the museum and when I expressed my enthusiasm for birds offered to introduce me to her! I read some of a bird egg and nest book the museum produced about their history and items in the collection…get ready for a geek out from me after today about this place!


Back to running though, I have been having some hip problems (again) as of late and have been taking it easy. I hate it when I get so excited about running then everything seems to go to crap! Ok, not everything is horrible right now but I just wish I could stay injury free!  Anyways, I have been dealing with my piriformis again, but mostly a tight IT band, which I’ve never had before. Combine that with a mysterious knee popping/cracking and I’m punching a pillow in frustration!

20130918_075002I did a 5 miler last weekend with my running group before the Audubon field trip and it was great. I have decided to cut back on the mileage a little (although how much can I cut back on from only 20/miles a week!?) in hopes of getting things healed before I really have to focus on getting my long runs longer to get ready for my half marathon! I have two months almost to the day to get ready, and if I’m careful I think I can do it. I would love to PR as I know I have gotten faster, but I don’t want to kill my legs in the process!

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. School has been a hassle to handle but I’m getting by. I have started on final projects for both my classes so now things are getting busier and with a trip to the Sierra‘s this weekend I’m scrambling for time to read and write all my papers and books! Madness! But I have been learning such amazing things and getting a new perception on GIS that I’m loving it! We’ll see how the rest of the semester goes!

How is everyone doing!? I know everyone is excited to for fall so I want some suggestions of pumpkin recipes! I have a great Vegan Pecan Pumpkin Bread I plan on making soon but otherwise I would love some savory recipes! I’m game for anything!

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  1. itzyskitchen says:

    SO much going on in your life! Don’t worry about blogging regularly (I gave up on that long ago ;)). I just figure I blog when I can and those who are there to read are my “true readers”. Can’t wait to hear more about school and your job. Fabulous that you’re so excited about everything that is going on in your life :)

  2. Micaa says:

    I’m impressed you’re keeping it all together; that’s a lot to have on one plate!! You seem so excited about all the different adventures in your life, so not having time to blog is a good thing in this case!

  3. Natalie F says:

    Busy bee is such a great name to choose for your life right now lol. Love the fact that you are enjoying life right now. x

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