Fun September

Why will September be fun you ask?! Because it’s my birthday month people! I am going to turn the ripe ol’ age of 28.

I think 28 is going to be a big and good year for me. I don’t quite know what it is, but I can feel it. I mean, what not to like about September? All our favorite TV shows come back with new seasons!! Right?! HAHAHAHA.

Ok, anyhow. 28. What am I going to do in my 28th year? Well, I’ve got a few things in mind... But I’ll tell you about those when I turn 28 in seventeen days.

For now, I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to…because as much as it doesn’t amount to much, I feel like I have no time for anything! Boo!

School work has been keeping me super busy. Two classes is a serious amount of work right now. Maybe it’s because I’m still not in the groove, but I’m blaming the holiday off so things are off by a day. Yikes! Honey is not a fan of where my attention is, and is trying to prevent my sitting on the computer:

20130826_112335IMG_20130906_203520 Such a ham, no joke. She has been attacking the shower curtain also. Cat butt!

20130906_190422Ok, enough cat pictures. What else have I been up to…

Well, I got a new version of my favorite running shoes this week. I had been wearing the Mizuno Wave Elixir 7’s since last October and this summer I decided to try out the new Adidas Energy Boost, which I’m loving, but the Mizuno’s help keep my stride and foot fall correct, so I had to buy another (I blew out the 7’s). So I decided to go for the less bright but still colorful blue version of the 8’s. And I LOVE them!

IMG_20130904_180904Not only do these babies help me keep great posture while I run (even when I get tired) but they helped (along with a great pair of insoles from Road Runner Sports) keep my piriformis injury at bay and increase my speed! It has been so so so exciting to watch myself get faster as I improve so much about my running “chi” (I read the book, Chi Running, and highly recommend it) and I’m hoping that as I train with this running group for long runs and speed work I’ll get even faster! A girl can dream! And what better conditions can I ask for than these, right?

IMG_20130903_070059 20130831_140516I’m sorry for all of those Californian’s that are crying right now about the heat, but I’m fortunate enough to…not be. Living near the beach has some awesome perks, and that means sea breeze and lower temps.  I am one happy happy girl!

But not only has running been going well (Ok, when I am running, motivation right now is…lacking) but I have also been going through some interviews to see if I can get a job! I have had two in the past two days and let me tell you, I am always absolutely wiped after these things! I haven’t done any face to face, let alone group interviews in over 5 years so I was stressing out a little bit. I’m trying not to him and ha about all the things I could have done or should have said because I can’t do anything about it now. I just wait and hope that next week I hear some good news!

IMG_20130907_073559 IMG_20130906_072754

I have
otherwise been busy just with school and keeping up with life! I am heading out of town to do some extra work up in Santa Cruz again for a few days so I’m excited to be in the redwoods again! I seriously miss those big ol’s trees! Then before I know it, another week will have gone by and it’ll be my birthday! What should I do?! I hardly ever celebrate so we’ll see if I can come up with anything for this year. Suggestions?! What did you do for your 28th? And if you’re not 28 yet…then, 27? Or 26? You get the idea…haha!


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15 Responses to Fun September

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    I turn 28 next month and I’m not sure what I’m doing for it yet, but hopefully something exciting. The most fun birthday I had was definitely turning 24 because we were on a cruise vacation to the Bahamas- our first cruise :). Not much can beat that birthday.

    You look super cute in your job interview outfits- I hope you get one of the jobs or either both and can pick, hehe :). And, the Wave Elixirs are awesome, I am hoping to get another pair soon. I had the 7’s but wore those out, and switched to the Wave Rider, which I don’t like as good. I hope I can find the blue color here too!

    • Melissa says:

      Did you find it hard going from the Elixir’s to the Riders? I found the Riders to be so much heavier; I felt like I was running with bricks on my feet! Hahaha! I definitely love the elixirs though…the blue ones are super nice and not too crazy colored!

      • Amy Lauren says:

        Yeah, but training for a marathon, I felt like I needed more cushioning than the Elixirs, which is why I went with the Riders. Also I get this weird speedy feeling from training in heavier shoes and racing in lighter ones, haha. If you are doing half marathons or less, I would probably not get the Riders, they are pretty heavy and big.

  2. Erica says:

    Those shoes are super cute! I got new brooks this week. New workout shoes =awesome! Hope you get the jobs (fingers crossed). What did I do for my 28 birthday…. I actually had to look at my blog haha. Looks like I had a low key, but fun birthday

    • Melissa says:

      I always love getting new shoes…makes me want to workout more so I can wear them! I am waiting to hear back after a second interview for one of the jobs, but didn’t get the other. Fingers crossed though! And low key birthdays are fun, I think! We’ll see what I end up doing for mine!

  3. Ahhh I can’t tell you how jealous I am that you are in California! I’m just counting down the days til I finish med school+residency and can move there! If there are No doctor jobs for a little while, well, ill work at mcDonalds for a month before any Job opens up if I must, I just GOT to be by the ocean!! Preferably SF.

    Happy early bday! I think bday should be a compilation of all your fav foods and fav activities lol. For me, it was hobby lobby, Joanne’s fabric store, pizza, and a piano bar lol. Maybe you can sign up for a baking or cooking class with Whit?! That and also a hike with some birding?

    you look so pretty in your pictures!!!:)

  4. kristaskravings says:

    You and my sister are the exact same age….28 on the 12th! :) I think I say that every year. HAHA!! Honey is so cute…..what a doll! Good luck on the job hunt, Melissa!

    • Melissa says:

      Honey is a punk to say the least…hahaha! Waking me up at 5am! She is a doll though…can’t stay mad at her for very long.

  5. biz319 says:

    Ah, to be 28 again! Oh wait, then I’d have a 5 year old – although I do miss my daughter being young – I still can’t believe she’s 21 already.

    Fingers crossed about the job interviews – I am sure you did great!

    • Melissa says:

      Oh boy, I could not imagine having a five year old right now. I can barely take care of my cat…and myself! Hahha, I kid. When I was younger though, I did think I would be having a my first kid by now….obviously not. haha!

  6. I have a feeling this is going to be a GREAT upcoming year for you, lady!! Can’t wait to see what you have planned. :) I keep hearing good things about that book Chi Running – I may need to check it out. Your shoes look awesome! Keeping my fingers crossed about those job interviews. Let’s see…for my 26th birthday I went out to dinner, haha! Perfect way to celebrate if you ask me.

    • Melissa says:

      Whit already has a place picked out for dinner; he’ll probably come home hungry and cranky because it’s a raw/vegan place near our apt. Haha…anything for my birthday though! And if you can get Chi Running I highly recommend it…it has done wonders for my posture and speed!

  7. I turned 28 this year too! Quite honestly, I don’t remember what I did! Oh! I had a low key birthday dinner with a few friends. Then I was supposed to go wine tasting, but plans got changed. It was still a nice birthday!

  8. I turn 28 in November!
    So scared….I don’t know why. I feel like I should have all these things accomplished, yet — I don’t.
    How’ve you been? Are you living near Southern Cali now?

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