Bee Run and New Kicks

What a weekend I had! Full of time with my awesome cousin, running in the redwoods, great food…and getting stung by a bee. Fun, right?!

Seeing as I have less than two weeks left at my job up here in Santa Cruz I am taking advantage of seeing my cousin who lives less than an hour away from me. We only ever really get to see each other at holiday gatherings so since I’m so close, I decided I had to visit more!


We wanted to run the Wharf to Wharf 10k in Santa Cruz last weekend but it was sold out, so we decided to do a trail type run that she had done with her boyfriend before to make up for it! She estimated it to be about 5.8 miles but with a few extra pieces and lack of space for parking our run went…a little longer. Which I loved! But, more about the run itself!

We started in Henry Cowell State Park and ran along the railroad tracks to the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf. It was a great run, being on a trail next to the tracks deep in the woods. Granted Highway 9 wasn’t too far away and I could hear cars every once in a while, it was still a great place and atmosphere to run in.


Like I said, the trail was next to the tracks, but there were a few bridges we had to cross. Let me tell you though, I HATE bridges. Know how people don’t like things like spiders, or heights? Yeah, I have a fear of bridges, but more like falling off a bridge and drowning…in my car. Crazy, I know. But bridges just make me very nervous. So my cousin had a few moments of holding hands with me while I tried not to have a complete panic attack while crossing the bridge. Oh, and when I say bridge this is what I mean:


This is not a solid bridge like the ones cars travel on…it’s a railroad track bridge! Which means planks and being able to see all the way down to the freaking water in the creek!!! This was the third and last one we crossed, but also the longest and highest! I had to actually stop in the middle of the bridge to catch a breather because I was getting too tense…see the fear in my eyes???!!!


What you can’t tell is that I am about two and a half stories up from the road. GAH! Just thinking about it makes me scared! TERRIFYING!!!

But, we made it over the bridge, through Santa Cruz and to the wharf and along the beach! Oh, but let me back track a little bit! We were crossing the first bridge when I saw a few bees tumbling around and I ran over them thinking nothing of it…and then ONE STUNG ME! Through my sock! I felt it immediately, flicked it away, and moved away quickly. No stinger was left and my throat wasn’t closing up so I decided to just keep running! Of course, typical runner response…just keep running!

Well, we got to the wharf, took some great post 7.5 mile run photos…

20130727_103959 20130727_103451

And took an assessment of my bee sting situation. Doesn’t look too bad, right?


I got stung right between that purple mark on the side of my foot and the ankle bone. Now compare to my other foot, over 24 hours later:


Yep..nice and swollen. Kind of reminds me of what my ankle looked like after I sprained it last year! Oh the joys of…getting hurt! Haha!

It’s now three days later and it still looks mostly like that…bummer. I had so many things I was supposed to do but because it’s so swollen and the skin is so tight from it, I can’t really walk around. It hurts some when I walk just because it’s swollen and itches like a beast, but otherwise it’s ok for now. I’ve only ever been stung by a bee once before and it swelled up just the same. Getting stung by a dear fly also had the same response, so I figured that it was going to happen this time. So if I go according to past responses…I should be ok in another two to three days. Yaayyy…not.

If only I hadn’t been stung! Because I have a new toy I am dying to try out!

Adidas Energy Boost

New running shoes!!! I have been a die hard Mizuno girl since I started college over ten years ago, so when the guys at Road Runner Sports suggested this Adidas Energy Boost I was very hesitant. I have other reasons of course, one being my hip, since getting my new minimalist Mizunos my piriformis has been basically non-existent, but I decided to give it a try. It weighs as much as a minimalist shoe and has only a one centimeter difference in the lift as the shoes I have. I’m a VIP member at RRS so I have a 90 day guarantee if I don’t like them and can return them! I will certainly let you all know how they turn out! The sole of the shoe is a whole new type of material that Adidas has come up with, so I’m excited to see how they feel! Well, I ran a mile in them and it felt like walking on very soft styrofoam! Nice and squishy!

Anyone ever tried this shoe before? I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have? Or anyone have nice natural remedies for bee stings and swelling!? I’m dying to get back to running!!!

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6 Responses to Bee Run and New Kicks

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    I hope your foot heals soon! it’s very swollen and getting stung or bit by anything is scary even if it is a bee. Plus i know you want to try out those shoes- I’ve never worn adidas for running and don’t think my store even sells them, but if they were recommended by your store, it’s probably a great shoe. I just don’t know much about them since we don’t have them at TrySports.

    It looks like you had fun on your run… that bridge looks freaky and I wouldn’t want to cross it either. I don’t really have a fear but the only bridges I run over are ones people drive over, too.

    • Melissa says:

      If you can talk to someone about those shoes I highly recommend it! They feel amazing on your feet, like walking on a water bed or cushions or something! Haha! I can’t wait to do a full review of them on the blog! I’ve only run on them fully once but I loved the way they felt! I have to adjust my cadence a bit with them from my previous minimalist shoes but I’m excited for them! And yes, bridges are terrifying! People or car bridges! Yikes!

  2. Erica says:

    Holy swelling! Glad you’re ok. A beautiful run for sure!!

  3. You want to know something funny and kind of sad? You listed spiders, heights…and your own fear of bridges. Well, guess who is scared of all three of those? THIS girl! Haha. I’m a walking dictionary of phobias, I swear. I can literally feel the nerves you must have had just thinking about it. :) Now that said, it looks like an awesome run! Truly a bummer about the bee sting and swollen foot, but I’m glad you’re OK and hope it heals up soon so that you can test those pretty new shoes! I’ve never tried them before so I’ll be curious to hear what you think.

    • Melissa says:

      Hahaha…we are one in the same! I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have some fears…we are just careful people! Lol! I’ll be doing a review soon on those shoes so I’ll give you a heads up when I post it! I’ve only gone on one run so far and there are some adjustments to be made as far as my running style with it, but I’m enjoying them! They are very cushy! :) Miss you lady!

  4. Mica says:

    Yikes, that was quite a sting! I hope it’s un-swollen by now.

    Are you afraid of drowning in your car (off of bridges) when you’re not IN a car? I have a similar but apparently less dramatic fear, so sometimes, I crack the windows when I go over bridges–JUST IN CASE I need to roll them down to escape.

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