Cruise’n In Santa Cruz

Thank you all for your kind words on my last post. I really appreciate your support as things keep moving through some of my struggles, in whatever direction they might take me! At least things are getting better and not worse…right?!

Anyhow, I have been busy at work, traveling and running! I have finally gotten my running mojo back and I can’t wait until my next race! It sounds like next month there might be a 10k or 5k run nearby so I’m excited to run one! I would love to see how running a 10k might go versus a 5k!

I have been getting in a run about 4-5 days a week and they’ve been going well! It amazes me how fast my calves adjust to not running in my minimalist shoes when I don’t run as far for a while! I took a run a few days ago in my new Ellie top from the March collection and I was surprised how well it did! I thought it was going to be too flow-y and be too lose, but surprisingly it wasn’t (I did have to wear another sports bra underneath it)! I can’t say the same for the shorts…which are just too short on the in-seem and rides up. They’ll be good for lounging around and maybe some light weights…but no bending over in those puppies. Haha!


I have been working hard out in the field. We do a lot of telemetry tracking with the birds, so I always see it as an adventure trying to find them! It’s like a game of hide and seek with the jays! Haha!


I mean, the trees are pretty dense and gnarly…finding anything in them is hard! Everything looks the same!


I always feel like I look like I should be flying an airplane when I’m wearing all my telemetry gear! Maybe it’s the aviators and all the metal gear…headphones?! Haha!

The past Friday and Saturday I spent some time down in Santa Cruz checking out some local eats, brews and beaches! If there is one thing I love about working in so many different places it’s that I get to see so many different things!

We started off Friday night with a trip to the Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing Company! It’s in an interesting industrial looking area of Santa Cruz but along side a few other winery tasting rooms and some boutiques! I decided to try their Amber Ale and sat along with this type of…pronghorn? Hah…it’s huge! But, the ale was amazing and I would have loved to have tried a few of the others! I can’t wait to take everyone here that comes to visits me, especially Whit!


We decided to get some pizza after our beers and hit up a local pizza joint called Engfer Pizza Works. I was super stoked they had a vegan option for me to try too! It was basically their pizza sauce mixed with some very crumbled tofu and the spices were just right! I was able to pick the topping I wanted and chose mushrooms, bell pepper and artichoke! It was delicious!


Oh, and can I make a point of how AMAZING their crust was?! It was not too thin but not too thick and it was never soggy! My coworkers also mentioned that the flavors on their pizza was great and their was just enough cheese to not be too greasy or overwhelming! Such a great place! They also have a great assortment of beers to try out too!

Saturday was just about the perfect day to be outside and visit Santa Cruz again! I went for a 5 mile run in the Redwoods before we headed into town to get some brunch then head to the beach! My boss suggested a Brazilian place called Cafe Brasil that I most definitely have to visit again! It reminded me so much of Peru with the vibe and colors and delicious juices! I went with their tofu scramble, but really wanted to try their potatoes. I am a huge fan of breakfast potatoes and a huge critic of them too…!


Oh and the bread they served with it? HOLY MOLY it was soft and fluffy and amazing! I wanted to ask for a whole entire loaf to take home with me! I ended up only eating half of it and it was really really great with some extra tofu and rice I had from the other night for dinner!

We spent a good while after that at Natural Bridges State Park to get some sun, tan, reading and birding in.  I think I got a little bit more sun that I thought I would get…hello lobster colored skin. Base coat?! Hahaha…I really should be more careful. Oops.


The rest of the afternoon was spent at T-mobile getting some things fixed with my phone and a trip to Trader Joe’s for a few essentials…Yay!

I plan on relaxing today and just taking some me time! Maybe repaint my nails…? haha

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Let me know all about it!

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6 Responses to Cruise’n In Santa Cruz

  1. Maggie says:

    Sounds like you had a delightful weekend! Mine wasn’t quite that fun-filled. I worked Saturday as we had our big event that coincides with free parks day for state parks, which went really well even if it isn’t the most fun to work Saturday after working the previous five days too. Then I washed my sheets, hung them out, visited some friends (and got fresh rhubarb from them for muffins!), came home and got my sheets off the line about half an hour before the skies opened and the rain started pouring down.

    Yesterday it was cool and rainy, so I hung out with the wonder cat, knitted, baked more muffins (lots of bananas leftover from the 8k that kicked off our even on Saturday, which are now banana-rhubarb muffins), read, and watched a movie. I really wanted today to be another weekend day, but unfortunately I had to come back to work. At least this coming weekend will be fun…a half-marathon through a national forest, hanging out at the Chatfield State Park banding station down in CO, exploring Denver…oh yeah! My goal for the half is to beat my first-ever half-marathon time and to have fun racing (there are so many hills and it’s at 7500+ feet of elevation…not a PR course at all).

    • Melissa says:

      What am awesome weekend Mags! And goodness you have an amazing one coming up!! Jealous of this half marathon and I wish you the best of luck with that course and of course a PR! You’ll do great!

  2. glidingcalm says:

    what beautiful pictures!! I esp. love the first picture of all of the trees! Just gorgeous! Also the state park looks like such a pretty place too!

    the pizza and Cafe Brazil look delicious! I love me some artichokes and good crusted pizza! and fluffy bread on the breakfast plate? heck yea!

    love and hugs to you girl!
    also gave you a shout out on my latest post, HA! you will lauffffffffff


  3. Mica says:

    I’ve never been to Santa Cruz, but it sounds amazing! Let’s eat artichokes on pizza in July! OKAY DONE AND DONE.

  4. The Ellie top looks great on you! I’m 100% in agreement on the shorts, haha. Loving all of your gorgeous pictures in the field and Santa Cruz looks like an absolute blast! Can’t go wrong with pizza and beer – yummmmmmmm. Hope you have a great holiday weekend planned! Miss you!

  5. biz319 says:

    Before you said it, I said out loud “that pizza crust looks amazing!” I hope to get to California some day! Love all the nature pics too. Have a great weekend!

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