Never Ending

And just when you thought I was about to stop moving…I’m on the road again! Ok, not quite yet, but in 19 days I’ll be making my way up to the Santa Cruz area to study one of my favorite mountain birds: The Steller’s Jay!

StellersJay15 StellersJay25


I’ll be working out in the mountains and forest, which I have missed oh-so-freaking-much being out in the desert, for three months and then like always, we’ll see where things take me! I’m hoping it will be super close to Whit because I’m tired of being away! Anyone in Ventura want to give me a job? Haha

I’ve been working throughout the weeks out in the chaparral and desert areas and you can definitely tell spring is in full bloom! There are gorgeous flowers everywhere of every color, eggs in nests that we are finding and baby birds all over the place! I even had the chance to watch a Costa’s Hummingbird fledgling taking one of it’s first flights out of the nest! It was nothing short of amazing! I wish I could watch it again!

Costa's Hummingbird Bird EggsIMG_20130325_102504

Not only has the Spring weather brought out the babies, birds and flowers but also the lizards and…SNAKES! I had a lovely chance encounter with a Red Diamond Rattlesnake last week that had my adrenaline running for far too many hours afterwards! They are gorgeous of course, just terrifying! But the lizards have been out, scurrying about and running into my hiking boots on many occasions. My coworker found one today that is the largest I have seen in a long time! Most of them are only a couple inches long.

20130402_132503 20130326_110812

I have been working my tail off, hiking everyday but still trying to get in my runs! I am back to running about four times a week which is the most I have done in almost a year! I am seriously loving it and I think the much needed break, rest and recovery paid off because my pace is getting faster and faster as I work hard on my posture, form and stride! I am so excited and can’t wait to sign up for a race soon! I’m a bit scared to sign up for one because the last time I did I sprained my ankle…but fingers crossed that won’t happen this time!


Run at the beach while Whit surfed…

IMG_20130330_091229Run at home…and seriously digging my Ellie top.
Most comfortable and softest top EVER!

Besides all of that I have been hanging out with Whit every weekend because the commute from his place to where I’ll be next is…not as close (Think 5 hours…at least it’s not longer a 10+ hour flight and a different country like last summer. Heh.) We got teased last weekend at Easter when my cousin let me hold her baby, which is the first small child I have held in almost 15 years, and Whit and I worked hard to make her laugh and smile. Don’t expect this to happen to us anytime soon though! Hahaha!


And of course I have been trying to spend some time with my lovely kitty Honey since I can’t taker her with me to my new job…after I finish though I’m determined to get her back to living with me! It’s already been a year since I left Tehachapi where I adopted her and had her for two years! I miss her and her craziness!

IMG950969Whit loves to torture her…I mean, pet and snuggle…

That’s about it for now! I hope everyone has been doing well and I’ll hopefully have some recipe and Birding Thursday posts up as things slow down in the next few weeks…and then I’ll promptly disappear again when my new job starts. Hah!

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  1. Krista says:

    Love that stellar jay….such a pretty bird! I hope your next job is awesome!

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