With Irregularity

What a whirlwind of two weeks it’s been since I updated! Things have been crazy busy and with work, Ragnar training and spending time with Whit!

Work has been crazy busy and hard. I’ve been averaging over 50 hours a week in the field and I’m getting a serious tan because of it. Don’t worry, I’m wearing my sunscreen…but apparently not reapplying it often enough. Oops. Getting better at that though!

222728_10100615400040426_1581260253_n531716_10100615911854746_1139779019_n163308_10100615614006636_732296610_nThe weather has been amazing the past few weeks, give or take a few storms here and there, one which is going to bring some snow to the area starting…tonight! Nothing like stuff you guys are getting in the mid-west and east coast…but for us westerners, it’s crazy!

In between the weeks of work I have been able to go out to Whit’s place and we had an early Valentine’s celebration because I wouldn’t be able to see him during the week. We went shopping earlier in the day so I could pick out my Valentine’s presenta nice pair of shoes!!! What girl would say no to new shoes, right? He is lucky there is an outlet mall near his place, so I went on the hunt, knowing the shoes wouldn’t completely break his bank. I ended up choosing this pair of Nine West Shoes (They’re wedges, btw) at their store and wore them out to dinner! First time in my life I’ve owned a nice pair of shoes like this…normally all my shoes come from Target or Payless. And no blisters after all the walking we did! WIN!

604111_10100614407813856_1576030033_nI even picked out, ok, Whit picked it out and I decided to buy it because the price was amazing (Banana Republic top for $15?! Oh yea!) a nice top to wear to dinner out on the town. We ended up at a nice Thai restaurant where I had some great mushroom saute and then we went to a vegan place to get some vegan dessert since how can anyone celebrate Valentine’s without chocolate!?

222600_10100614406481526_1140659892_n 71434_10100614451795716_788242330_nHow awesome does that cupcake look? It was this delicious chocolate cupcake with a molten chocolate and peanut butter filling, topped with a peanut butter frosting and more chocolate. Good God it was decadent and wonderful…and now I want another one. But I don’t think Whit would pay for anymore of those…it was $$$$!

Besides that, I’ve been training hard for my Ragnar Race coming up this weekend! I’m heading out on Thursday to Phoenix to hang out with Jenn and get ready for the race on Friday and Saturday! It’s going to be crazy and great!!! I loved the one relay race I did back in 2009 in Colorado so we’ll see how this one compares!

65983_10100617082059646_486399203_n285387_10100617105832006_67296868_nThis past weekend I ran at the beach and had a great time just absorbing the environment and ocean. It was a tad crowded with the holiday weekend, but if you get to Huntington Beach early enough, it’s just perfect. I seriously love going to that beach to run!

And last but not least, I’ve been eating of course. I don’t have many food pictures because I’m a horrible food blogger now, but I did get the ones that count the most: VEGGIE GRILL! Seriously, this stuff is like crack. SO. GOOD. I can never get enough of their sweet potato fries and dipping sauce. I need an IV to run that stuff through me 24/7.

223411_10100617180961446_1100642758_nOn that note, I have been doing great on the eating side of things. There is not a time that I can recall in the past few weeks that I’ve felt any guilt about what I’m eating, whether it be drinks and a dessert after a dinner out, or simply eating M&M’s when I want to. Seriously, letting go of the notion that food could ruin me in every shape and form has been liberating. I can’t thank my brain enough for finally making that switch for me. YAY! Not only does it make things more fun and easier to eat, but it makes life just so much simpler and laid back. Seeing as I’m not spending all my time thinking about what I’ve eaten, what I’m about to eat, how much I need to exercise, etc. there are so many other things I can focus on! Life is so much better!! Woot woot! See that smile in this picture? That’s one free of food guilt and worries!  And kitty and boy love instead. :)


Don’t worry, even though I haven’t been blogging I’ve been keeping up with all your blogs. I haven’t been blogging because I normally don’t have much to talk about…I go out in the field everyday and just hike around looking for nests. Exciting enough!? This weekend though will hold some excitement and I can’t wait to share how this race is going to go!

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10 Responses to With Irregularity

  1. It sounds like things have been wonderful in your world lately! I totally am envious that you get to “work” outside everyday – definitely beats my job sitting behind a desk… Your Valentine’s Day looks super cute and those shoes are fab – I love wedges! XO

    • Melissa says:

      I had never worn wedges because I thought like heels, i wouldn’t be able to walk in them properly. But they are so much easier than heels! YAY!

  2. I’m finally getting to a similar body acceptance / intuitive eating place too and it is SO AWESOME. :) Much more room for boy love.

  3. madeline says:

    i love this post! thank you for updating everybody on your life. so happy to hear food is now more just food + not something to feel bad or guilty about. this is something i’ve been really battling as of late… sigh. oh the pic of you and whit and honey is darling; it made me smile. you look so happy and beautiful, melissa!! xo madeline

    • Melissa says:

      Ah Madeline, thank you so much for the wonderful comment! I hope that the peace I’ve encountered with food soon finds you and you’re able to move past the struggles and enjoy food for what it is: Good tasting food! You deserve the freedom that I’ve reached! And I love the expression on Honey’s face too; She was so angry with me seconds after that photo was taken…and her reaction included blood. LOL. Dang her and those claws! If you want to talk about what you’ve been batting lately please feel free to email me! I’m always here for you!

  4. madeline says:

    forgot to say, i love the expression on honey’s face. she looks like the cheese in a loving sandwich haha

  5. There is so much happiness in this post – it really makes me smile! I can’t wait to fully catch up on all the excitement and good things going on in your life right now. Love the shoes and the picture of you and Whit with Honey. :) See you SOON!

  6. Mica says:

    Glad that you’re keeping busy with fun things. I really like those wedges!

  7. Whine Less says:

    I have wedges that look very similar. Love them! Your Valentine’s food & dessert look yummy! And the cat photo made me giggle.

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