Hard to Adjust

Hey Everyone!

How it is that I keep going a week without writing anything for you guys? I swear I have something to talk about most days…but then realize that I don’t. Hah! I have not had a Recipe Wednesday or Birding Thursday for you in a while! I have had a difficult week with a lot of commuting and just things that aren’t going the way I had planned them…so lets just say that…I’ve been doing a ton of thinking, over thinking and just plain not being in a good mood. But I’m trying to focus on the positives…that’s what you’re supposed to do, right?

instagram14(View up in the mountains, 5,000ft, looking down into the Valley)

Anyhow, work this week was seriously time consuming, as I ended up working 8 hour days on top of 4 hours total of commuting to work sites each day. It called for seriously early mornings, which meant I got to see some beautiful sunrises, and listen to a lot of satellite radio. Haha


I can never complain about desert sunrises. They are seriously some of the best, as I’m sure Jenn can confirm since she lives in AZ and gets to see them all the time :) And not only are the sunrises cool, but so are the marks of the desert.


I have no idea what most of the prints are from, but if I could guess I’d say a lizard, some kangaroo rats and a bird of some sort. There were some coyote prints further off out of the picture too.  Love me some wild animals!

I have basically been living off of coffee this week, reusing several Starbucks coffee cups and breaking down and actually buying several drinks throughout the week. It’s nothing fancy though; either regular black coffee or iced black coffee. I always get a questioning look when I ask for iced black coffee…guess it’s not a normal thing? At least I don’t have a laundry list when I ask for a drink!


Anyhow, work was exhausting to say the least but at the last minute I got a message from a good friend from college to grab dinner with her and one of my best friends from college! It was just what I needed at the end of my week: Good friends, lots of laughing, and good food. We went to Karl Strauss in Costa Mesa and although very loud in the restaurant, the food was delicious. We shared some Chili Lime Sweet Potato Fries and some Spicy Hummus and Pita and I had a simple Organic Salad as my entree…obviously I attacked the appetizers knowing what I was going to have for dinner. I had been having a serious craving for french fries all week, so I went for it!


Oh, and I did get to go for my first 6 miler yesterday after not being able to run that in over almost two years! The miracles of proper rest and strengthening my legs/hip to make sure nothing gets hurt again! I have also adjusted my running posture to help things. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to be back to some distance running! I’m gearing up for Ragnar so I just need to be careful!!!

long runNow I’m chilling out at my parents for the week since I found out that work is not going to be working out like I had hoped…the joys of working in the consulting industry. Frustrating to say the least as I can’t divulge much about it, but it’s weighing heavy on me with some medical bills and others that are coming in. And then of course I was supposed to go to Kauai this week with Whit but didn’t because I thought I would be working…but yeah. Not going to happen. I just can’t win! So now I’m without work, sitting on a beach getting my tan on and my boyfriend…yeah, not my best week.

Hopefully the time off will motivate me to do some writing and recipe making for all of you to enjoy. Any kind of vegan recipe you’d like to see? And bird you’d like to learn about? I need the distraction. :)

Happy weekend!

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4 Responses to Hard to Adjust

  1. woohoo congrats on the long run!
    doesn’t it feel ESPECIALLY empowering/rewarding/satisfying being able to go on a painless run after a prolonged injury??

  2. 4 hours is a lot of commuting time! I hope you don’t have to do that all the time…?

    When I first moved to Australia, I asked for an iced coffee and was in for a RUDE awakening. Like you, I like iced black coffee (or iced soy coffee if I get fancy), but do you know what iced coffee is here? Coffee with ice cream! What?! That’s not iced coffee. That’s a coffee ice cream sundae…or a coffee float.

    I’d like to learn about a migratory bird one of these Birding Thursdays. They are on my mind because I am writing about international environmental laws, including migratory bird treaties right now in my thesis :-)

  3. biz319 says:

    That sunrise is amazing! Sorry about the job situation – but sometimes when one door closes, several more open up – keep your chin up! Hugs!

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