Pv.body to Start Off 2013 Right!

Hi everyone! I hope that the start of 2013 is going as you had hoped! I have been enjoying reading about your resolutions and goals for this new year and am really looking foward to mine (especially the bird one…such a nerd)! It’s going to be a good year, I can feel it!

Anyhow, to start the year off on a good foot, all be it wobbly (dang sprained ankle) I have decided to work with pv.body to spread work out gear love to everyone! I mean seriously, I don’t know about you, but as soon as I get new and cute workout gear I can never wait to try it out and of course work out!

So last month pv.body contacted me to try out their program, where I pick various options of what I like to wear when I workout and ta-da! With the prgram you pay a fixed rate every month for two pieces of clothes and can cancel whenever you want! They choose some great, high quality workout gear for you to try! My clothes last month came from American Apparel, the full length tights, and Nux, the tank top. And get this, the price you pay for these clothes is way below what you’d pay if you went to the retail and got it yourself!


I have never owned or worn a pair of full length tights because let’s face it, living in southern California means you don’t have to wear serious cold weather gear. But it’s been on the brink of pretty cold so I was excited to try these out. And I’m a sucker for any brightly colored top, especially tank tops and this one was great!

I took them out for a 5 mile run last week to test out and see if they would live up to the one big qualification I have for fitted tops: would it ride up my waist as I ran?


Well, about three miles into the run I started to feel it riding up but could easily pull it to keep it down on my hips. I ended up having to do this about every half mile which at the end I was getting annoyed with, but helped me learn that I shouldn’t wear it for longer runs. It also could have been affected but the jacket I was wearing, so it’s a factor I’m taking into account. Overall I love the material of the shirt, the high cut around my armpits and the wide back.


The pants also worked out pretty well and were very comfortable. They sat very high up and literally on my stomach. So after a few miles I needed to roll it down to keep from feeling nauseous (weird I know, but pressure on my stomach makes me feel bad). Otherwise they’re nice and stretchy and definitely good for a cold run! I get very hot when I run so it needs to be super cold for me to wear these kinds things and not overheat!

Overall I like the pieces that were picked for me and will be wearing them again! And because I’m teaming up with pv.body they are offering to give my readers who sign up 20% off the original price when you sign up through THIS LINK. I know all the girls I workout with would love this, so don’t be afraid try it! And let me know what you think!


So here’s to a year of working out in cute and comfortable clothing!!!

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5 Responses to Pv.body to Start Off 2013 Right!

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    I only have one pair of running pants too- because living in SC, if it’s cold enough for running pants, chances are the next time you run it’ll be warm again because it never stays that cold for very long. The tank top and tights are super cute too, glad you had a good run!

  2. G says:

    I only wear fitted shirts for yoga so I don’t show off my bra during inversions. During runs they drive me crazy for the reason you describe. I have been looking for tights (non-running) and thermals that have a yoga pant top that doesn’t cut off circulation to my stomach for years. STILL haven’t found them. Tight things around my waist cause cramps for me.

  3. Joanna says:

    Yes! Weather here in So Cal is just so crazy. I don’t even own a good jacket with a hood and I’m always on the fence about buying cute rainboots. As for workout clothes, I did invest in long running pants and more often than not I am hot by the end of my run. I’m excited to check out the other pieces they offer though.

  4. Clothing looks great on you. Did you get your hair cut? Looks fantastic!

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks! Nope, no hair cut lately (cut it last May) but it’s finally starting to grow! Winter always makes it slow down! And I loved your hair cut btw, the layers look great!

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