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Side Notes: My How Times Have Changed, For The Good

Side Notes: My How Times Have Changed, For The Good Lets see, when was the last time I wrote a Side Note for you guys…hrm, since the beginning of the year with my look into the New Year and everything … Continue reading

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Hard to Adjust

Hey Everyone! How it is that I keep going a week without writing anything for you guys? I swear I have something to talk about most days…but then realize that I don’t. Hah! I have not had a Recipe Wednesday … Continue reading

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Back to the Grind

Hi Everyone! Sorry to have gone MIA on you, things got crazy busy as I started field work again last week! I was sent out to various places in Palm Springs, the San Jacinto Mountains and Orange County to find … Continue reading

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Birding Thursday: Bald Eagle Calls

Birding Thursday: Bald Eagle Calls I want to clarify something for all of you. Because it is such a huge pet peeve for me that every time it happens, I want to throw something at the TV. Listen carefully to … Continue reading

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Recipe Wednesday: Banana Pumpkin Walnut Muffins

Recipe Wednesday: Banana Pumpkin Walnut Muffins I was actually following a recipe when these muffins were being made. Then I got lazy and forgot to look at all the ingredients, skipped a few, replaced some others…and this is how they … Continue reading

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Wedding Weekend in Florida

Hi everyone. I’m currently chilling out at the Orlando airport waiting for my flight, which is 8 hours off, so I wanted to tell you all about Meghann’s wedding this weekend! We’ll start off with the morning of the wedding… … Continue reading

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Pv.body to Start Off 2013 Right!

Hi everyone! I hope that the start of 2013 is going as you had hoped! I have been enjoying reading about your resolutions and goals for this new year and am really looking foward to mine (especially the bird one…such … Continue reading

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Looking into 2013

2012 was certainly a doozy! There was so much that happened and still now I have a hard time believing that I spent three months in Peru in the jungle! Sometimes I wonder about the choices that I make for … Continue reading

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