Hi Everyone.

I’ve got some recipes coming this week and I think I might start posting about my workouts, but right now they’re not that exciting with my bum ankle. That and do you really want to hear about an hour long weight session or walk to the grocery store? LOLĀ  We shall see…

Anyhow, I had an exciting opportunity to attend a trip this weekend. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Because truthfully, the beauty of these birds had me speechless.

Obviously I was geeking out like a maniac.

Throughout the morning we caught three red-tailed hawks, a prairie falcon, an American kestrel, and a loggerhead shrike. I saw two northern harriers and a ferruginous hawk also, which I love to observe obviously.

It was a great trip and I’m hoping to see some more of these birds up close in the coming months. Never is there a moment when hawks can be seen in the hand that I won’t drive 2+ hours for at 4:30am on a Saturday! Yes, that’s how crazy I am. :)

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7 Responses to Raptors

  1. B. William says:

    Awesome! LOSH?? Were you using a BC? Anyway, I’m jealous.

    • Melissa says:

      Yeah! It’s a LOSH and they were using a BC! They were surprised too! But man, what a biter!

      • B. William says:

        Haha I’m sure. Sounds like loads of fun. I’ve been seeing NOSH on my surveys. Do they make it that far south? Again, super jealous. Haven’t been that close to birds for a while. Thanks for sharing Melissa.

        • Melissa says:

          Yes, NOSH’s have started showing up in areas just North of me in the desert, weird right!? One of my old coworkers now hold the record for seeing a NOSH the furthest South in California just a few weeks ago!

  2. Maggie says:

    Very, very cool. And like B. Williams, I too am jealous.

  3. Terry S says:

    Cool indeed! Would love to be able to see them up close like that. It’s getting to be “raptor time” here, with staggering numbers of raptors on the grasslands in the middle part of the state. Very cool to see, but I’d love to be able to see them up close like this.

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