I’m Sure You’re Sick of Thanksgiving Recaps

So here’s another one!

Haha…OK, but I’m sure you’re sick of reading about Thanksgiving by now. I’m sorry to have to put you through another. I promise there are some pretty pictures of a park in here though! And I had a delicious VEGAN Thanksgiving…does that make it any more interesting?!

I spent most of last week on my butt letting my ankle de-swell and hopefully start to heal nice and fast so I can get back to running and doing Insanity. I really miss the high heart beat workouts, but with what I’ve got going, I’m switching over to more lifting and strength training to keep my fitness up.  Every little bit helps, right? I’ve been using my Shape and Self workout cards, along with circuits I find on Pinterest to really work my muscles and wake up sore in the morning!

I helped out Mom as much as I could with all the chopping, dicing, cutting, prepping as I could since we were hosting Thanksgiving for our family, a few friends, and my Mom’s Brother’s family this year. I didn’t get too many pictures though; too busy cooking and cleaning!

For dishes I could eat I made a Vegan Lentil Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie (recipe on Wednesday!), steamed asparagus and mushroom gravy. Of course there were lots of other things to eat like an apple, cranberry, sweet potato bake with gingerbread topping, stuffing made in the turkey, turkey, hawaiian rolls,  Japanese rice, turkey gravy, pomegranate seeds, garlic mashed potatoes and spam musubi.  We had to keep a bit of Hawaiian/Japanese flare into our meal…like we do for every meal.

Anyone who says that a vegan can’t have a substantial dinner on Thanksgiving that has so many of the traditional flavors, is a liar. See my plate. Full as a beast when I was done. And tasted so good.  Lets just say, there was very little of the gravy left at the end of the night, compared to the turkey gravy and not much shepard’s pie was left.

Anyhow, I’ll get off my high horse, and instead talk about the other things I did besides cooking and lifting some weights. I got to spend some time with Whit this weekend, walking at the beach while he was surfing and found him his Hawaiian heaven in Huntington Beach.

I read in the newspaper about a Poke (ie spiced raw tuna served on rice) restaurant called North Shore Poke Company that is just getting started and knew he would love to go there. He was super excited and even knew the cashier, as her older brother went to school with him (they’re all from the same island). What a small world, right? He ate his first bowl and couldn’t get over the great taste, which meant he ordered a second one to take home. It’s a good protein boost after a morning of surfing!

Sunday morning he was nice enough to get up early and drive me out to one of my favorite parks, Huntington Central Park for me to go and find some awesome birds. This is one of the first parks I started birding at over 7 years ago and I love going back there since there is always such a large variety. I got 30 species at the end of a two hour walk and loved every second of it (Whit may have been a little bored, poor guy, I forgot some binos for him).

(FYI in birding we often use a four letter combo when jotting down birds we see…and wish all the surveys we conduct for various projects)

I wanted to treat Whit to breakfast for putting up with my bird nerdiness all morning but the place we wanted to go to was closed, so we picked another and err…I had no cash adn it was cash only. Poor guy ended up paying for breakfast that I was going to buy him. Bad girlfriend.

That’s about it for this weekend! Looks like everyone had pretty nice Thanksgivings and are already putting up decorations for Christmas! I don’t even feel like it’s December yet! I mean, I was watching people in bikinis play volleyball on the beach! You know you’re from Southern California when…!!!

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9 Responses to I’m Sure You’re Sick of Thanksgiving Recaps

  1. Wow! Love the Thanksgiving spread – your vegan eats look so yummy! And your adventures with Whit looked like so much fun. I had to laugh out loud at the cash only breakfast story – hey it’s the thought that counts, right?! I am so in awe of all the Christmas decorations I’ve seen up already. I feel like I’m behind! Time to whip out the music, that’s for sure. Though I agree that here in AZ it does not feel like the holidays quite yet. It’s been so warm!

  2. Look at all that food!! Sounds like a terrific weekend, Melissa…

  3. Erica says:

    The food looks yummy! I love having a nice variety of food options on Thanksgiving. A shepards pie sounds fantastic. Hang in there with that ankle!

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks Erica. My ankle is on the mend as I’m off the crutches and without my brace most of the time but still a bit painful sometimes. And you reminded me I need to make your pumpkin muffins you made the other day! I just opened a big can of pumpkin that needs to be used ASAP!

  4. I’m not getting tired of Thanksgiving recaps, I still have to do mine so I think I’ll really tick off those who are done with it all :P It’s YOUR blog, share what you want! And yummm, your Thanksgiving feast looks delic, can’t wait for tomorrow’s recipe!

  5. Mica says:

    I’m excited for the shepherd’s pie recipe! My cousin and I are always on the lookout for good veg options for Thanksgiving!

  6. biz319 says:

    Everything looks great – you just had to get a bit creative with your meals – no harm! :D

    Yep, we have several restaurants near our house that don’t take anything but cash – and I hardly ever keep cash on me!

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