Happy Thanksgiving and Turkey Thursday

I did this last year because what’s more iconic on Thanksgiving than a turkey!? So a repeat from last year, but a good one. They are quite beautiful birds!

Birding Thursday Bird: The Wild Turkey

The Wild Turkey is actually a very beautiful and majestic bird.  They are adorned with over 5,000 feathers that have iridescence, with colors like red, green, copper, bronze and gold.  The males are the ones with the big display feathers, which during courtship are accompanied by their famous “gobble gobble” call and a dance.

Wild Turkeys almost went extinct back in the 1930’s due to over hunting but because of conservation efforts there are now more than 7 million in 5 different subspecies across the US.  Before Europeans came over and introduced the turkey to their country, Native Americans were very fond of the turkey.  Not only was it used as a meal to sustain them, but also used to decorate their head-dresses for ceremonies.

The female turkey usually has a clutch with 10-12 chicks each spring, who have to be able to easily move out of the nest and go find food with her up to 24 hours are they hatch!

I have had the delight of seeing several of the turkey varieties including the ones found in California, Texas and Florida.


I’m making a feast with my Mom today for our family and her brother’s so I’ll be back with the spread and recipes later! Lots of vegan recipes to come!

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  1. Glad I read this *after* our Thanksgiving dinner otherwise I most likely wouldn’t have been able to eat it… I’ve been unconsciously sticking to vegetarian proteins lately and love it! Hope you had a wonderful holiday, XO

    • Melissa says:

      Haha, I figured I would spare my meat eating friends by posting that a bit late. :) I’m glad to hear you’ve adopted a mostly vegetarian diet, it’s so much better for you and the environment! I hope you had a wonderful holiday too!

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