Coastal Anniversary

Sorry I’ve disappeared on you. I was gone on an extended weekend with Whit to celebrate our two year dating anniversary in Cambria, CA! We found an awesome deal on Travel Zoo for a cute little inn along the sea and couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to go there!

We drove from his place to San Louis Obispo, where we went last year for our anniversary, to go back to my favorite restaurant, Big Sky Cafe! I had their Pumpkin and Split Pea soup with some of their house made cornbread muffins and a house salad. Their candied pecans were just as good as last time we were there!

We walked around a bit then hit the road to get to Cambria, where we immediately hit up the beach, which was literally just cross the street from where we were staying! So gorgeous!

We arrived the day of our anniversary and dressed up nice for dinner, but I didn’t get a picture. Oops! I did get pictures of dinner though, which was quite good at the Cambria Inn and Lodge Restaurant!

I ordered their vegan terriyaki plate which had some squashes, portabello mushrooms, tofu, risotto topped with sesame seeds and those white stringy things on top!  I couldn’t pass up a good dessert and ordered the apple crisp, which was drowning in sweetness and ice cream! I ate most of the apple part while Whit ate most of the ice cream. Gotta learn to share, right?

Monday was a busy day for us and we were all over the central coast! We headed North towards Monterey with several stops along the ways for the various wildlife I decided to geek out over…typical biologist.

I adored the elephant seals! I have seen them once before but never so many of them! And boy, did they STINK! I forgot how much seals can smell! But their cuteness did it over for me so that I could ignore the stench.

And of course there were hawks, EVERYWHERE.  I tried counting them along the light poles, flying over fields, along the side of the road, etc. and seriously lost count! If I were to bet, I would guess I saw over 100 INDIVIDUAL hawks including red-tailed hawks, golden eagles, american kestrels, northern harriers, white-tailed kite, and turkey vultures! I was totally freaking out with every new bird I saw!

Our first stop was Andrea Molera State Park in Big Sur National Park, which I have never been to before! I was so excited to drive through Big Sur and see my first Redwood tree! They are so big and gorgeous! We went on a short hike through the oaks, redwoods and along the beach around lunchtime.

And or course more birds! Brown Pelicans and an American Kestrel!

We ended up traveling all the way up to Monterey Bay, which was also my first visit! Can you believe I’ve basically lived in California all my life and I’ve never made it to this area of the state? I know, sad! It was very pretty though! And quite cold!

Like the cowbird that flew into the picture?! Haha, it knows I’m after them all the time!

We headed back to Cambria for our last meal in town at Robin’s, a restaurant I’ve been spying on since we started planning this trip. An adorable restaurant with a nice atmosphere and some really delicious food!

I got the soup of the day, a lentil and chickpea vegetable soup with a side of bread. I seriously need to try and recreate this at home, especially as the weather starts to get colder! Whit and I split their carrot cake for dessert, which was moist, nice and had the best cream cheese frosting I’ve ever tasted. Ok, I haven’t had too many cream cheese frostings, but this one was really really good!

We sadly had to leave and decided to head down to Morro Bay to walk around and grab some lunch, but not before I got some action pictures of the hummingbirds crowding the trees outside our room!

Ah! HUMMINGBIRDS!  Again, totally geeking out. I must have spent hours over the weekend just watching these guys feed and fight. Yep, that’s about all they do!

The weather in Morro Bay was warm but with a nice breeze off the ocean to keep us cool as we walked around after our lunch at Sunshine Cafe!

It was such a great weekend filled with lots of time outside and enjoying the sunshine! I couldn’t have asked for a better trip, and better food!

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14 Responses to Coastal Anniversary

  1. Glad you guys had a good time! Congrats again on two years. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, such an awesome opportunity and beautiful trip! Tons of good eats, beautiful sights, your lover boy *wink, wink*- looks fabulous!!! I totally would want to run up and give one of those seals a big hug, super cute… They’d probs run away or slap me haha!

  3. Kim says:

    Beautiful trip! Thanks for sharing and happy anniversary!

  4. What a GORGEOUS anniversary celebration! I really want to go to Cambria now. Those elephant seals are amazing and the food looks out of this world good. So happy for you and Whit – cheers to another wonderful year (and many more)! Love the picture of you two – you look so happy. :)

  5. Happy anniversary! Looks like a wonderful way to celebrate! I just got back from the Australian Alps and saw my first wombat in the wild!! I can’t stop telling people about it…sorry :-)

  6. fun anniversary trip, with so many good eats! you guys are the cutest! :)

  7. lilveggiepatch says:

    Happy anniversary again! What a nice way to spend it together. Glad you had such great weather… beautiful photos!

  8. Biz says:

    Happy Anniversary Mel! You guys are so cute together. I’ve never even stepped foot in California – it’s gorgeous where you guys were – and so much wildlife – right up your alley!

  9. Marianne says:

    Happy Anniversary! What a great trip to celebrate – beautiful sights, delicious food, good company :) All those seals on the beach remind me of the sea lions in the Galapagos, just lazing around everywhere.

  10. Mica says:

    What a great anniversary! This sounds like the perfect weekend for you two! I was kind of jealous that my anniversary doesn’t involve seals and hummingbirds, womp-womp.

  11. Kara says:

    You were down in my old stomping grounds when you were in San Luis! And Morro Bay :) Makes me really excited to go home tonight!! Sad I missed you by a DAY at the Aquarium!

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