Before Getting Foodbuzz’d!

I never knew how exhausting it was to eat. Or maybe it was all the traveling…or, the wine. Hahah! It was certainly a fun weekend though!

Megan, her husband, Bobbi and I left Thursday evening to head all the way up to East Bay to stay with Emily before we started our weekend of wine and food. Notice I said wine and food, not food and wine. Yep…

We started off the Friday with a trip to Lake Chabot to go for a run. I’m trying to get back into running with my chronic piriformis and so far so good, so the run around the lake was just what I wanted to do.  Besides, I’m running out in nature, what else could I ask for?

(taken from Bobbi)

I am trying out a new pair of Mizuno running shoes that I’ve never used, their Wave Elixir 7 (on the left in the picture). I have been wearing the Wave Riders for the past 5 years but with my hip and sciatic nerve problems I’m hoping these will be better in preventing any more injuries.  They are between a neutral and stability shoes, but also a minimalist shoe, which I LOVE, since I hate heavy shoes!

Anyhow, we returned to Emily’s to do a good arm workout, then cleaned up to get ready to go wine tasting where Emily works, ConCannon Vineyard!

We got to taste 5 different wines, none of which I was too fond of, mostly because they were reds and I’m more of a white wine girl.  Well, truthfully I’m not much of a wine girl period, but I’ll try it to see if my taste buds change over time. Megan and Bobbi enjoyed most of theirs from the looks of it though!

(From Megan)

We headed outdoors to the restaurant on site and started off with some Sangria and house made potato chips with dip!

The ladies ordered a few small plates to share but I just got a salad since it was the only vegan thing on the menu.  I’m sure I could have changed a few things around on other items to make them vegan, but I was too hungry to try.  The salad was quite tasty though; I think I’m finally becoming a fan of beets!

We had some more time before we had to catch the BART to the city for the Foodbuzz Festival Cocktail hour, so we visited another winery, Ruby Hill Vineyard.  We tried out a few more wines here, again, none of which I was too much of a fan of, but the company was good!

(From Megan)

We were spent after this session so we headed back quickly to get ready for the cocktail hour Foodbuzz had planned for us at the Sir Frances Drake Hotel.  But I’ll get to that in a bit! I’ve got some guava sitting on the counter that need to be used ASAP and I want to be creative with them!  Hope your Monday is off to a good start!

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  1. Oh my goodness – so jealous! I wish I was there to drink wine with you lovely ladies, but it looks like you had a blast. Can’t wait to hear more about Foodbuzz, too!!

  2. Such fun! We should totally go wine tasting in Temecula with our men. Maybe we can find a place known for their whites…

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