The Overwhelming Life We Live

So, I think every once in a while, or maybe this will become a daily thing if I’m not too lazy, I’m going to start blogging my meals again.  Right now I’m not doing much that’s exciting since work is well, non-existent, but it’ll come sooner or later.

Let me tell you something though, it’s almost overwhelming figuring out what to eat at each meal since I’ve been back in California from Peru.  Not overwhelming in a bad way, like eating disorder tendencies, but just that there is so much to pick from!  When I was in Peru, lunch and dinner were always made for me, and with limited supplies (ie lots of potatoes, rice, pasta and more heavy carb meals) so I never really had to choose what to eat while I was there.

(Breakfast: Kashi cereal and fresh raspberries from the farm!)

It was kind of nice having food made by others (cooking days were rotated between the ten of us) everyday, so I’m sure you can guess what it was like when I came home, that I had to pick every meal and make them all.  I mean, obviously it’s not that big of a deal but it’s just weird to come back to.

(Vega protein powder (love!), salad greens (hence the color), frozen peaches, mango, strawberries and pineapple, and unsweetened vanilla almond breeze; kashi cereal)

It amazed me throughout my work in the jungle how using a few pots, cooking utensils, and ingredients can make such amazing meals.  But then, also invoke the feeling of missing all your favorite foods, like what I had for lunch.  Three months without a smoothie so thick you could tip the cup upside down and it goes no where? Oh, and cereal that doesn’t cost a fortune!?

There are other things that have been harder to adjust to than I thought. Like people? I went from a very simple life in the jungle, surrounded by the same two to eight people in and out, to a life where there are people EVERYWHERE and it is seriously overwhelming, and I feel like I’m suffocating sometimes. It was a trip just going to the mall yesterday to buy these goodies for Foodbuzz Festival this weekend.

(Dress from Express)

(Skinny jeans from New York and Company. There was also a pair of pants from Banana Republic)

I’ve been sticking to simple things for meals, along with things that I missed from the U.S., or already miss from Peru.

(Salad greens with veggies, avocado, and quinoa)

Well, of course there are also sweets that I missed, not that I was really missing any while I was there. Heh…

Boysenberry pie from Knott’s Berry Farm? Oh yeah.

And night time snacks.  Didn’t happen in Peru because we never had enough food.

(Local dried apples and an Asian pear I forgot to picture…and maybe a few chocolate covered pretzels)

Oh, and of course workouts like Insanity.  Oh yeah. This chick is getting back in shape…but that’s being left for another post in the near future.

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3 Responses to The Overwhelming Life We Live

  1. Sometimes I feel that way, even though I don’t have the Peru excuse! :) Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. And I love the clothes. Let me know if you want to do any crash-shopping!

  2. Krista says:

    I LOVE that dress!!!

  3. glidingcalm says:

    I have had a few cultural/social shocks, similar to what it sounds like you experienced, where I went from either no noise, to lots of noise/people (coming home from my silent 10-day Vipassana retreat- that was HARD!), and also being in India (lots of noise, many people) to a lot less noise (no more constant car/truck horns being honked)….so I can kind of relate to big changes in social environments! but yeah, I can see why that would be a big change!! I like cooking though, and I always miss it when I cant create my own dishes!

    looks like you’ve been eating well though!

    hope you have a great thursday!

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