Some Interesting Fruits!


Being in a tropical region means there are many many different fruits to try out! I haven’t had a chance to have many being in the field, but now that I’m in the city and traveling I have the chance! The Peruvians have an awesome variety of fruits and vegetables that I’ve never seen or heard in my life and there are some interesting ones to say the least!



This fruit is very…interesting! When you look at it from the outside you have no idea what to expect on the inside. The fruit is actually very light in weight, and the shell of the fruit can easily be pierced with your thumb if you push too hard. The best way to open this fruit is either stabbing it with a knife to cut it open, or just cracking it open with a messy outcome.


What do you think of the inside!? Yeah, it’s kinda weird, no? It’s like the aerials of a pomegranate but very soft, with a crunchy black seed on the inside of each squishy fruit piece.


I was pretty intimidated to try this, to tell you the truth, so I made my friends try it first while I procrastinated over how interesting the inside of the shell is! It looks like something you’d find at the bottom of the sea!


Anyhow, finally got up the courage to try the fruit and…was not a fan. It was slightly sweet, and the seeds were definitely crunchy, but the texture was too much for me. I read that it can be slightly sweet or tart when it’s ripe and eaten either raw like this, in jellies, or on top of cakes or pies. I’ve seen it around made into items like that, maybe I’d like it better that way?



Now this fruit, I will rave about! We picked this one up at the market like the Granville and again, didn’t know what to expect. well, we kind of didn’t, since the direct translation of this fruit is “sweet cucumber.”


The inside was soft yet firm and reminded me of the a pluot, a plum apricot cross we get in the states. The flavor was super refreshing, resembling that of a honeydew melon and a cucumber. I could eat these things all the time! What I thought was really cool though was that the skin after you ate it all, was see through! How cool is that!

These are the two fruits I’ve tried as of late but I’ve also had the pleasure of trying mango right off the seed and in some great fresh juice at Prasada:


I’ve also tried their pineapple, which they call a Hawaiian Pineapple, even though it doesn’t look like what you find in Hawaii! I had this while out in the field, but not straight up. I ended up making it into a pineapple upside down cake for my team. Sorry for the ugly picture! And yes, I made cake in a pot, on a gas burner. Oh yeah!


I know it’s a tragedy that I don’t like passionfruit or papaya because it is everywhere here, but apparently everyone is a fan! Everywhere I go the two are the most popular, along with bananas, which I’m pretty sure when I get home will never be able to eat again, because they taste wayyyyyyyy better here! Yikes!

I’m planning on trying some more over the next three weeks while I’m here, so we shall see what I can come up with!

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2 Responses to Some Interesting Fruits!

  1. Krista says:

    That first fruit does not look appealing at all! LOL The second one seems tasty looking, though…:)

  2. gina says:

    ha! the fruits in South America are rocking. Look for guanabana and cherimoya, freaky spiny looking green fruits and pacai, a weird pod that you split open and eat the white cottony part.

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