Mocha Sweetness

Did you think i would have only one dessert yesterday? Of course not! That would be a tragedy to my tasteless….but probably a savior to my waistline. At least i did some abs and yoga yesterday for some exercise…right? Oh the joys of loving dessert! Anyways, after dinner last night we went back to La Bondiet to share our knowledge of the greatest chocolate cake I’ve found in Cuzco thus far. I branched out this time and picked something different, you know, so i could review it for you.


I went for a white sponge cake this time, covered inciting that was flavored with coffee to the max!


Since it was labeled as a Mocha Cake i expected the coffee flavor, obviously, but some chocolate too. This cake certainly had the coffee flavor going on, as i felt like i was drinking straight up espresso, but the chocolate flavor was basically non existent. The cake was soft and had great texture, the floating was light and fluffy, but it was awfully sweet for my tastes! I didn’t even finish it, the horror!

I would say that they didn’t hit the mark with this cake, but that’s just me. One of the guys got the same cake and loved it, while the other girls got the chocolate version. Remember that one?


I certainly remember it! Delicious!

Again, ill probably be back here within the week, but next time I’m going to try the mini cakes in various flavors to get some more variety. They look so cute and quaint!


Until next time!

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  1. Amy Lauren says:

    The mocha cake looks especially delicious :). Glad you’re able to enjoy tons of awesome desserts there, I’m a little jealous!

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