Adjusting Readily

Every time that i come out of the field it’s like my body thinks I’ve never had sugar, which isnt the case since i usually had some sort of sweet bought from town. So of course upon finishing in the field season on Sunday, Jenny and i got to Cuzco and all we wanted was the chocolate mousse that we found last time we were here. We found it, but with some disappointment when it came to flavor choices; not as many as last time!


I was lucky enough to snatch the last one with any chocolate in it, which is a tragedy since we were hanging out with some other biologists who were also craving some serious chocolate. Mine ended up being a strawberry and chocolate flavored mousse which was EXCELLENT.


The strawberry flavor on top was money; it was just sweet enough and held a really great strawberry flavor without tasting fake and sugary. The chocolate layer underneath was thick and chocolatey, a perfect pairing for the sweet strawberry flavor. I shared small bites with my friends so they wouldn’t have to miss out on its deliciousness. Oh, and the graham cracker crust at the bottom this time was much better, not as buttery as the last one and more crumbley. It added some texture to the creamy and very smooth layers mousse.

The biologists and Jenny are leaving mid to late this week, but a few of the other biologists i worked with are coming to replace them for their vacations so I’m sure I’ll be back to this place within the week, or the next day seeing as how much Jenny and i love the place! New flavor next time hopefully!

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  1. Alex says:

    Mmm sweet and delicious! Love following your blog. You’re rocking this life. Go girl


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