Closer and Closer

Can you believe i have barely a week and a half left working with Jenny in the field?! Its amazing how time flies! Our field season is supposed to end on the 9th, but we shall see how things go. We are trying our hardest to get as much data as possible while we are here and have the time! Besides, we are having too much fun too!

I know, sticking hummingbirds in your shirt to warm them up probably isn’t normal, but hey, it works! Its been super cold and rainy here the past few days so when we get birds and tag them, they are quite cold afterwards and have to be warmed up and fed sugar water. Sometimes things get tricky if they don’t perk up, but it hasn’t happened yet, thank goodness! No fatalities for this hummingbird crew! And luckily today the sun came out so not only did we not have to worry too much about the hummingbirds, but we also got to hang some laundry out! Cheers for clean clothes!

Otherwise things are going ok. I’m having some of my typical stomach/crohns issues right now so my diet is basically oats, bananas, bread, eggs and rice, but I’m getting by. All the walking and hiking kills my energy but i gotta get it done! I did take a day off a few days ago to let things settle, but it didn’t do much good. Gotta push through it, I’ve only got so my much time left here!

I hope you are all doing well and would love to see some comments of anything exciting that is happening in your lives or in the news, as I’m hardly able to ever access it! I miss you all and will be home soon! October 6th couldn’t come soon enough! Or slow enough since I’m loving the forest too much!

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  1. Sarah says:

    You’re lucky you’re missing the news at the moment! American politics are ugly.

    Some interesting news on the environmental front: they’re removing the floor price from Australia’s impending emissions trading scheme (bad), but we’re joining forces with Europe to form the world’s biggest carbon market (potentially good).

    Enjoy your last few weeks!

  2. Maggie says:

    I hope you’re feeling better by now…stomach issues are never fun, but even less so in remote settings. I love seeing all your bird photos…

    Hmmm…news from here. I’m ignoring much of what is going on in American politics these days as the campaigns seem to be primarily about bashing the opposition and very little about what the candidates will actually do if elected. Locally, we had major wildfires in the northern panhandle at the end of August/beginning of September that burned a lot of acreage and forest. Our northern banding station burned, although part of the state park escaped so we’ve been able to set up nets in that area. Our fall banding season has kicked off and we’re catching lots of chipping sparrows, red cross-bills, chickadees, and the occasional pygmy nuthatch or lesser goldfinch. Not as brightly colored as the birds you’re catching, but awesome in their own ways.

    Other than work I’m canning a lot of summer produce, experimenting with new recipes, and training for my first marathon (race day is October 13th!) And trying to stay caught up on sleep. :)

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