Chocolate Change of Pace

So in an effort to get in as much chocolate cake before i left on Friday morning, we hit up one last cafe Thursday night. Jenny and i eyed this one the other night because it is right next door to the cafe that currently holds first place for the best chocolate cake in Cuzco so far. I had it two night’s in a row if that says anything about it!


So this little cafe is called Tres Cafe and quite cute and quaint. It has more of a girl feel to it with all the pink, but don’t let that fool you, they’ve got some awesome stuff up in here! We found out that there specialty is in mousse and cheesecakes and had a hard time choosing which one to try, as they had a wide variety from blueberries and passion fruit cheesecake, to a white chocolate, a coffee and chocolate, Oreos and cream and a few others i can’t remember off the top of my head.


They also had an assortment of cookies and cake choices, along with a full dinner menu and lots of great sounding coffee selections that i know rocked Jenny’s boat! If I’m correct she got a cappicino and loved it! Jenny and myself decided on the coffee and chocolate cheesecake mousse and damn, i wish the bowl had been endless!


They are all individual portions and just enough for one person. Upon diving into it I discovered the magnitude of its greatness; no joke. The top coffee layer was just strong enough to taste the coffee and not overwhelm the chocolate layer underneath. There was a small section of a soft graham cracker crust at the bottom that i wish had been less buttery but overall delicious.


It was sprinkled with some purple sprinkles on top, and a line of passionfruit colious on the side. You can bet that this was devoured and not a crumb was wasted!


I must say, this puts some competition in the arena for the chocolate cake at the cafe next door! I know it’s not necessarily a chocolate cake like I’ve been reviewing but I’m thinking of broadening the spectrum and making it chocolate desserts. I can’t not include this in some sort of ranking! And since I’ve just made this decision to rank it, hello my new number one! I give this dessert a 4.5 out of 5! I can’t wait until i can go back and try the others! Although i must say, right now I’m in such a sugar coma that the thought of another one of those makes me little sick. Hehe!

So there is your last chocolate dessert review for Cuzco for awhile as now I’m back out in the jungle and won’t be coming out until almost the 20th of September, which is perfect timing because….it’s my 27th birthday! Yay! So until then…chocolate will have to wait!

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2 Responses to Chocolate Change of Pace

  1. Purely Twins says:

    yay for chocolate cake!

    have fun in the jungle!

  2. Biz says:

    Hope things are going well for you Mel!! Your birthday will be here before we know it!

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