Have Your Cake, and Eat It Too

Day four and chocolate cake number 4. Dare i say I’ve had enough?! What kind of chocoholic would i be if i did?!


My stomach may have been screaming a bit through this piece, but you know i ate it. I think my closely eaten, filling lunch (I’ll talk about that too, don’t worry) may have been the culprit and deterred my taste buds away from the real character of this cake! Anyhow, besides my stomach having a mind of its own, this torta de chocolate was purchased and devoured at a panaderia close to my hotel. I have been here several times whenever i need some nice, fresh pan integral (wheat bread) and have always passed by the cake displays, but today i decided to try it! Myself and a new coworker of mine each tried a piece for our afternoon fix.



This cake was a plain chocolate cake with dulce de leche filling, a chocolate coating and a layer of shaved chocolate on the sides and top. The filling was phenomenal to say the least! The cake was moist, but a little airy to help balance with the filling, and the chocolate frosting underneath the shavings was tad bit, watery? I don’t know that that would be an adequate description but it tasted more like powdered sugar than chocolate fronting and too sweet in the end. Overall the cake was good, but not as great as the one from Tuesday night…which i actually had again last night! Haha…


Out of 5, i would give this cake a 3.5. It’s only saving grace was that filling, i could have drank that stuff!

But let me tell you about lunch! I have been waiting for a chance to go here all week and was more than willing to make the walk there today! It’s a small cafe called Prasada, just up the hill from the Plaza de San Francisco, and wonderfully delicious. Today i got the menu like i did last time, which is one of their signature “burgers” and a jug of juice. Today i chose the Mexicana Burger and instead of subbing out for my favorite te de manzanilla (chamomile tea) i decided to try their juice and got a kiwi pineapple banana blend.


My burger was a piece of soy meat on a fresh roll with tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup and guacamole. I was dripping topping everywhere and took no shame in being a slob at this meal. These guys know how to make their burgers! Oh, and they definitely make a good juice too! I’m not normally a juice person because i like the texture of fruits to eat, and here it can be hit or miss that the juice will make you sick (if made with water) but this one is made with hot water so i felt it ok to drink. Like i said, it was a kiwi, pineapple, banana mixture and just the right amount of each to get me to finish the whole, entire, jug!


I had never felt so satisfied in my life, and probably should have waited to have the cake, but hey, you only live once, right? I keep telling myself to stop worrying about the calories and just enjoy the food! Good on you Prasada, I’ll be coming back again next time I’m in Cuzco!

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3 Responses to Have Your Cake, and Eat It Too

  1. Amy says:

    I am so glad you are able to have your cake, eat it, and enjoy it (most importantly) too!
    I made some Amy-friendly chocolate chip cookies during the week, and I ate about a whole cookie’s worth of dough before I popped them into the oven. Instead of feeling guilty or worrying about the calories I just reminded myself that you only live once, and sometimes you just need to eat the damn cookie dough! (oh, and a cookie straight out of the oven too… :) )

  2. Purelytwins says:

    wish we were there eating all this yummy chocolate cake with you! hugs

  3. Biz says:

    YOLO for sure on that cake! Looks delicious. But I have to say, the ketchup/avocado combo kinda has me grossed out.

    Happy Friday!

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