Best Chocolate Cake in Cuzco?!

Ok, so, I’ve come up with the most genius idea since i seem to be spending so much time in Cuzco…and it’s the only time i get to eat a real dessert. Find the best chocolate cake that i can get my hands on!

I’ve only been to three places so far, including tonight at La Bondiet, a very nice cafe down the street from the hotel I’m at. I got their basic chocolate cake, which was quite lovely, and delicious!


The cake portion of the dessert was just fluffy enough and not at all dry. There was a liquid layer of chocolate on top of the cake before a layer of hard chocolate on top of that, which was just the right sweet and intense flavor to balance everything out. I think out of the three cakes I’ve had so far this one is the best, but only by a tad.

Of course on my quest to find this cake you can’t expect Jenny to not partake as i try each place! Tonight she got the Pear Pie with vanilla ice cream and a small chocolate coffee “snack”, both of which she thoroughly enjoyed! Oh, and of course can’t let me take a serious picture of any food we eat…



Yesterday on our first day back in Cuzco we went to a different cafe where i got another chocolate cake and Jenny got a piece of tiramisu. They were both gorgeous and tasted amazing of course! But my chocolate cake was just a tad too fluffy for me and denser around the edges to be the best cake. It’s currently ranked number two of my list!


Jenny could barely wait for me to take a picture before digging into her piece!



The third piece was eaten over a month ago when we first got into Cuzco to start the field season. We had it at a dessert/ice cream shop whose name i am blanking out on right now. I’ll find out and make sure to update that later…as i may be walking by that shop tomorrow…heh heh.


This cake was ok. It was too dry for my tastes and the frosting was just too over powering. Of course we ate it though, we weren’t about go let it go to waste! We also split a piece of really good apple pie, which we should have gotten with ice cream since well, it was right there to be had!


I also had the pleasure a month ago to have a piece of carrot cake as a dessert at a tiny little Cuban cafe near one of the plazas.


I won’t lie, this was not the best carrot cake I’ve had. The best one I’ve definitely had is from a little German bakery down the street from where i used to live in Tehachapi. Most moist carrot cake with best cream cheese fronting on the planet. I’m drooling as i type this. Anyhow, this cake was too dry but the layer of frosting was just to my liking. It needed more nuts too…carrot cake isn’t good with copious amounts of walnuts! My Dad would be proud!

We’ll tomorrow and Thursday hold two more places with chocolate cake to try and report back on! As much as I’m worried about my jeans getting a tad too tight as i go on this culinary tour, the taste of those cakes is worth it…right? Nothing, and i mean nothing, should get in the way of tasty chocolate cake! Especially with my history, which I’m surprised hasn’t stopped this whole little adventure units tracks! Yay for recovery!

Where have you had the best chocolate cake?! I want to hear about it!

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3 Responses to Best Chocolate Cake in Cuzco?!

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    Those cakes all look yummy and it’s so cool you’re on a quest to find the best one, hehe. Plus I’m glad you’re going out with people there and making friends. My grandma’s chocolate layer cake was always the best, though I did like the one I had on the cruise I went on a few years ago.

  2. I will gladly go chocolate cake hunting with you any time. I actually can’t pinpoint the best cake I’ve had. But I do recall a hazelnut chocolate mousse bars at this place called Celadon in Napa that were quite heavenly.

  3. Amanda says:

    Heck yes it’s worth it!!! When you get back we’ll have to go to Babycakes. They have the best vegan, gluten-free brownies ever! This looks like a fun challenge, my friend.

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