The Things We Do

It’s no contest that i might work in some of the greatest environments and with some of the most interesting and intelligent people. We work our butts off everyday that we have to do get the job done that needs to be done, in the best and most efficient manner possible. But every once in a while, since many mornings start before sunrise and end after sundown, we need a break:


And everyone thinks our work is all fun and games! Well, that and much needed cat snaps in the sun after a long morning of work (or in this tech’s case, a long night of metabolics). It’s certainly hard to get up and do these kinds of things, day after day, week after week with no breaks, but that just tells you how dedicated we are to our work and how much we really love it. In all seriousness, i don’t think there are more hard woking people than biologists.


I know this may not look like much to you, but sitting in that box is equipment for research that maybe ten people in the world have done. TEN! And now i am one of this small group that works around the world. It’s certainly rough starting out in the beginning with these types of things but it doesn’t mean that we don’t make steps in the right direction for research!


Sometimes it’s hard for me to describe the dynamics of what i do for work to the lay person who asks me about my job. I run around in the forest and chase birds? Sure,that’s one way of putting it. You work or volunteer for a university student on their grad school project and do whatever they tell you to do? Sure, but i like to think of it more like I’m helping with conservation efforts for future generations through their studies. I like to think of this job as a way to have fun, and see things that about 99% of the world will never see, or even hear of. If that’s not something to smile about i don’t know what it is!


How could i not be excited and look like this? Especially after I’ve caught beauties like these!?



The first bird was bigger than my fists side by side! And bit the scrap out of my poor fingers!

But it’s just all in a day’s work…how did your day go?!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I agree that biologists are often extremely hard working. In general, I think scientists out in the field really put in some hard work! I loved that aspect of working in the field, but it left a bit to be desired for me intellectually. My ideal job is one that involves both field work and challenging theoretical work to balance it out :-)

    Just getting caught up on your posts, and it looks like you are really enjoying yourself. What beautiful scenery! I think the simplicity of the food, though monotonous, is probably a good thing (even if your stomach may not agree…). Less fuss about food, and a shift to seeing it more as fuel and less value-laden…perhaps?

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